Where would you hold a Street Race?


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Read a quote from Mark Webber today saying if he could hold a Grand Prix round any city it would be San Francisco so I was wondering which City/place you hold a Grand Prix round and why?

I'd love to see them racing round the west coast of Wales through the town of Aberystwyth mainly because I used to live there and always enjoyed the roads round that way - it is the welsh riveria ya know!

If Bernie says no to that idea (he'd prob ask more than Ceridigion council were willing to pay to be honest) then how about the crazy place that is Tokoyo? in and out of the skyscrapers at night - would look awesome.
Well there is talk of Cape Town, would be grand if Chapman's peak was included.

Vegas could be interesting along with Amsterdam and St' Petersburg.
Cambridge, except that there would be no overtaking. Our roads here make Monaco and Valencia look like the M25

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Bert Mylander could ride a bike instead of the safety car too. Think of the positive environmental messages - the FIA would love it. ;)
I was also wondering about Mark chosing San Francisco. How would an F1 car cope with hills like that? It would be interesting to see a modern F1 car catching some air, and very dangerous I should imagine :crazy:
There is a walk I do in Burton that goes on the streets and out of interest I found out the layout of said walk. And I think it's quite a good layout. Wouldn't be fit for F1 :(

I give you the Beamhill GP



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I was going to say New York but it is full of 90 degree turns... I suppose that will rule out Milton Keynes as well, so, I would have to say... Paris. F1 cars going through the Eiffel Tower and round the Arc de Triomphe (I hope I've spelt it right) will be quite cool.
lol - this did start off as a serious thread but we've been moved to off the pit wall as we've descended into comedy!

The Paris idea would be awesome espcially as France need a GP.

How about Istanbul? could be the only Grand Prix to take place on 2 continents!
Isn't there a movie from the 60's or 70's of some guy driving a Ferrari like a nut through the streets of Paris for about 40 minutes with a camera slung under the front bumper. I'll see if I can find any links.
COVENTRY - on it's silly little ring road built on stilts in the 70s.


To add to the inbuilt dangers - getting and getting off - I would have two pitlanes, at opposite ends and both set of pits placed below the track.

This road absolutely terrified me when I used to visit my daughter there :sick:
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