Where will Webber end up?

Where will Webber end up ?

  • Red Bull

    Votes: 16 69.6%
  • Ferrari

    Votes: 1 4.3%
  • Renault

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  • Williams

    Votes: 2 8.7%
  • McLaren

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  • Toro Rosso

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  • Another team

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  • Retirement

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Just to start of bit of silly season banter after Horner said Hamilton and Vettel don't go at Red Bull only for Webber to show his displeasure at team orders....I don't think Senna or Schumacher would have cared in those situations if they could nail their teammate for a win

so where will Webber end up next season as Red Bull have been stalling his contract.
Ferrari as he is mates with Alonso through Flavio Briatore but everyone knows Alonso will only accept being No 1 and Webber has to be No 2 but the lure of Ferrari might be a nice swansong

Renault as he still knows some of the engineers back at Enstone despite his Flavio connections. Apparently some of the crew may go with him

Williams - he left the team unhappy but they will be using the same Renault engines as Red Bull this time

Toro Rosso - He will be still part of the Red Bull family as it were but be demoted to the junior team and back to another of his former team previously as Minardi

Mclaren - a straight swap with Hamilton should never be ruled out . He did try to get into F1 via Mercedes support but they had Heidfeld and Zonta ahead of him as Mclaren testers
http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/93058 Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz says there are absolutely no doubts that Mark Webber will stay with the outfit next year, even after the team orders controversy.
The team was involved in a row after asking Webber to 'maintain the gap' when fighting for second place with team-mate Sebastian Vettel in the latter stages of the British Grand Prix.
Until Webber has signed on the dotted line ...the seat is still free so what are Red Bull waiting for then if they want Webber to stay.... Hamilton, Button , Rosberg, any one else who is free on the market

I donb't believe SUnday's incident will be the last of team orders
Should have added HRT to the poll for banter, seriously though ferrari seems the most probable to me. Either that or retirement.

Red Bull. Mateschitz and Newey love the guy and that's the begining and end of it.

If people seriously think Ferrari are going to provide him with a better car and a chance to beat Alonso fairly, then they're in dream land.

Red Bull offer Webber chances to take Poles and Wins as long as he can be fast enough to do so. Ferrari are a Latin team with few Anglophiles and they don't have a design genius named Newey who, coincidentally, just happens to be a Webber supporter.

Newey and Webber have been together at RBR since 2007...and Webber has no allies at Ferrari which, as we all know, is a very political and Latin team these days.

Lastly, Brazil is a bigger and growing market for Banco Santander...bigger even than Spain and much bigger than Australia...so I doubt Massa's going to give way to Webber from that perspective.

RBR want Webber back for 2012 and Ferrari haven't offered Webber a thing. Webber would be stupid to go to Italy.
Webbers own column on the BBC

Mark Webber has revealed that he is in "positive" talks over a contract extension at Red Bull, despite his grievances over team orders during Sunday's British Grand Prix.
The 34-year-old was unhappy that he was asked not to try to overtake team-mate Sebastian Vettel for second place.
He told BBC Sport: "The team and I are talking about whether I continue with Red Bull in 2012 and it's positive.
"What happened on Sunday does not turn my world upside down
He'll still be there, at least for next season. Speculation is rife at the moment and I'll only believe something when the parties involved announce something that is set in stone. The media do love to make a drama out of everything! :snigger:
Another speculation thread. Yawn!

I'll believe he'll leave Red Bull when I see him start a Grand Prix in a car thats not blue.
Danny R into an RBR seat alongside Vettel for 2012? :)

Hehe. Keke, you're a funnier guy than I thought! Don't you think he needs to take care of Tonio L first...or at least take care of either one of Sebby B or Jaime A before even thinking about one of the plum seats in history?
Hehe. Webber's too fast and experienced to retire in 2012. He may not be an Ace but there's not many of those on the grid. The guy's a fighter and not that much slower than Vettel and is even occasionally faster. I expect him to pad his bank account nicely next year.
Hehe. Webber's too fast and experienced to retire in 2012. He may not be an Ace but there's not many of those on the grid. The guy's a fighter and not that much slower than Vettel and is even occasionally faster. I expect him to pad his bank account nicely next year.
I think Red Bull have worked out it means having Webber , Seb will stay for at least two seasons 2012,and 2013 where as having someone like Hamilton who will be ultra competitvie he may force Seb out after 1 season

None of the Red Bull jnr drivers are ready to be promoted to Red Bull team unless Helmut pulls a few strings.

Considering the choices Red Bull is the least political or corporate of the teams out there. Ferrari would make a nice swansong for him to have driven for Ferrari on his CV/resume. I am sure Flavio will be rubbing his hands in delight if that happened. Webber's attitude might actually fit Ferrari given he's a bit like Alonso but less consistent in that he needs the odds stacked against him to do well..he did come back from a broken leg in 2009 remember and keep Vettel honest

Its a nice gesture from Dieter to say Webber should stay because its a glowing endorsement from the owner himself despite Helmut having other ideas and opinions
I have been thinking about this issue for a few days, and everyday there seems to be a bit of news from the RBR camp. Webber has admitted that he ignored the orders to hold position and continued to challenge Vettel, Horner has admitted that he was a bit pissed that Webber had done so, but team owner Dietrich Mateschitz has said that Webber will be signed for next year as Mark has no better choice than to continue to drive the best car on the grid and that RBR has no better or faster drivers to replace him.

Sounds like everyone has kissed and made up. Well, I see it a bit differently. I have a little first hand knowledge, and I suspect the Webber/Horner discussion may have centered around Mark's embarrassment at being publicly order to "slow down." Mark argued that it would seem reasonable to let him "appear" to challenge Vettel, to get very close to him, but not actually pass for position. It would look good to all racing fans, it would allow Webber to maintain his honor as a racer, and it would be as effective as team orders without the embarrassment of having to issue the directive for all the world to see and hear.

Many of us lost respect for Rubens after he yielded his dominant leading position at Austria in 2002, an event that brought the "no team orders" rule into F1 for the first time. We accepted that he was Michael's paid "bitch" and was required to park his car one turn from a victory in order to let Schu win the race.

Webber will not allow himself to be seen as anyone's "bitch." But, he may agree to hold position in circumstances like Silverstone if he is allowed to "appear" as if he is racing. So PLEASE, no obvious team orders that yank his Ozzie balls right out of his driving suit.

Just make an agreement in the paddock to the circumstances that would imply team orders, let Mark appear to race, and do not yank his balls by embarrassing him in front of all of OZ on live television. Give him some public dignity even though the team has privately decided that he is to play the role of the pretty girl alongside the manly Teutonic Knight.

Nice article Flood and that is a great caricature. ROFL

Hope you don't mind me hotlinking it for the rest of us to lol at...

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