Where will Felipe Massa be racing in 2012?

Where will Massa be racing in 2012?

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With Felipe Massa's future at Ferrari in doubt next season where do you think he'll end up?


A team where he is likely to be a number 2 too Fernando Alonso. The team who also stuck by him since his injury?


A team which is run by Ross Brawn, a man that helped bring Felipe Massa to Ferrari in 2006? A team with ambition and a team that gives Equal status to both Drivers.


If Kubica doesn't come back to F1 Renault will want to hire a driver that can lead a team. Massa proved back in 2008/early 2009 that he can lead a team, as thats what he was doing back then.

Or will Massa end up at another team in F1 or even move on from F1 and go race in another series else where.

What are you thoughts on Massa's future in F1, where do you think he'll end up going? 
I personally think that he will stay with Ferrari, because:

a) he's contracted there for next year
b) It seems that Alonso would want a team - mate who, despite being fast on his day, is generally slower than him, and Ferrari seem to bow down to Alonso - what Fernando wants, Fernando gets (like a rich kid a christmas)
Mercedes will still want to keep their German image and all things considered I still don't see Massa as a team leader, not in the long term anyway, he does what Ferrari wants, gets enough points for Ferrari to challenge for the WCC but not enough to interfere with Alonso, and that's where he'll be next season probably.
Yes Jen - "Unselfish concern for the welfare of others."

In other words, with tongue firmly in cheek and with just a touch of sarcasm, a way of saying he can get walked on without complaining too much. A team player... :)
I am just really sad how things have gone for him the past two years, was in his prime in 2008 and 2009, then all of a sudden has that serious injury, not only that, he gets put into the unknown for the 2010 season with a ruthless team-mate.

I think he will be with Ferrari next season, first of all because now top driver is free (Rosberg has a optional contract for 2013) Kubica's out and has the "unknown" aspect over him, Perez is not showing his Melbourne GP performances. Second of all he's contracted there..

Don't see him at Ferrari the season after though, or Mercedes as they have di Resta lined up to replace Schumacher, or Renault for that matter as they have tons of drivers contracted.
As I always say when I'm asked this question - Ferrari.

Given an inferior car he's not going to get in Alonso's way.
In a superior car he's going to pick up enough points for a WCC charge.

Who could possibly give Ferrari a better deal?
I can't understand how the whole question regarding Massa's future at Ferrari arose.He has a contract for 2012.Domenecali and Montezelmo have both said that his future is not in doubt.
So I see no reason other than to say Ferrari.
As we all know or at least should be well aware of by now, contracts in Formula One aren't worth the paper they're written on.
Despite this I still think it would take a series of trully shocking performances from Felipe for Ferrari to renegade on the contract they hasve with him.
You have to look at who else could do a better job than Massa among the list of current drivers, the only way Hamilton would leave McLaren would be to get his hands on the Red Bull drive. Button's immediate future appears to be with McLaren. No-one knows how Kubica would perform was he to rejoin F1. Ditto Webber at Red Bull. Nico wouldn't be an unreasonable choice if he wants his career to step up a gear (Mercedes gp just don't seem able to trully get into the big time) but we never heard anything serious about that anyway.
Everyone else is unproven at a top-team, with the obvious exception of Schumi, and that isn't an option.
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