What would your life's story be called?


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Andyoak came up with this phrase in another thread:

a laugh at the shitty end of life.
Which I thought sounded like an excellent title for my biography.

The question is, what would yours be called?

(and do you have any favourite titles of ones that you've seen? I've always liked David Niven's "the moon's a balloon" for a title for example)


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Mine will be called "There aren't many lives as fascinating as this one, so pay attention as you'll learn a lot".
I'm not sure who I'm going to get to write it yet, though.


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FB and Brogan, I was trying to think of the most inappropriate and incapable person to write a biography... Especially Geth's.

Amazing how many books she's "written" when, I'm sure she said, she's never put pen to paper.

No offence intended.


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Unsolicited and unauthorized autobiography of fictitious character IZUMI
-- caveat emptor --
You will seek medical consultation with Prof. Jordan Peterson immediately! However before that, pay for the book first.

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Andyoak, my response was to the thread not your comment. Anyone who knows what I do outside of annoying people on CTA will understand the aerosol comment.

Bill Boddy

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When we first moved in here one of our neighbours had been a navigator in Halifax bombers in WWII. They were shot down, he was the only one to survive. Even after all those years he was still troubled as to why he was the only survivor and felt what could be called feelings of guilt. His autobiography would have been "Why me?".

Mine would be rather different it would be more likely "A charmed life?"?", several times in my life I have been in a fortunate position not in any was caused by me.

The latest one was changing our minds about our holiday. We have just returned from 25 days in Singapore and Thailand linked together by a cruise in a clipper. Originally we were going to leave later and would have been in Colombo close to or at Easter. A lucky happening if there ever was one.


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Sounds like a lucky escape there Bill Boddy, good to know you and Mrs Boddy are safe and well.

I don't know what I'd call mine, given I seem to spend a lot of time handing out tea and sympathy or advice to friends and family when their lives don't go according to plan I'd probably go with 'I'll Put The Kettle On'.
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