What should Max do for Community Service?


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So little Max has been given two days of community service by the FIA for his handbags moment with Esteban Ocon. Here's your chance to make some suggestions for what he should do. I'll start you off with:

  • Lollipop man at the school up the road from me. Can you imagine him in that lively white coat and black and orange cap?
  • Two days in my local vets squeezing the anal glands of every dog bought in for whatever reason.
  • Doing free repairs on the cars of old people at Le Garage de Ocon in Evreux
  • Sanding the callous on the feet of men and women at a chiropodist in Stevenage
  • Ice cream vendor Espoo, Finland

You must be able to come up with something better than me.
Increasing the comfort of old folks in the north east of England by working for the local authority selling coal to Newcastle


Dressing up as Humphrey B Bear and going into communites in the southern American states to help teach folks about the dangers of guns


Two days sat with the ERG explaining why Mrs May's Brexit plan will work for the whole of Britain.
Litter picking, that would be good, not like all the self-promotional "community service" that drivers usually get slapped with.
He should work with some older folks, they might be able to teach him something about respect and dignity, two things he seems to lack lately.
He should be given a pile of rulebooks to rip up, some sensible people to throw tomatoes at, and some booze.

Like him or not, Max brings more excitement and energy to F1 than anyone else, and part of that is his character.

‘Oh but he was naughty and rude to Esteban.’

Give me a break.
vintly if you were at work, fell out with someone and went over to them during work time and pushed them repeatedly in the chest what would happen? Would the fact you're a character round the work place be a factor in anything that happened.
RasputinLives Of course it would. One’s character is always relevant to their actions. But I think you’ve missed my point. I’m not paid to provide entertainment, neither am I saying he was right to push Ocon, just that he’s a damn sight more interesting than others. So he lost his rag, big deal. I’m glad he’s not another boring PR-minded goody-goody like most drivers. F1 needs characters with an edge, jagged or not, we should applaud it - as long as its not over the top.
Sorry I have to disagree. Being physically violent towards someone is not entertaining and does not make someone a 'character' it makes someone a dick. I find Max interesting and entertaining DESPITE of traits like that he has shown. He can say what he wants to the press etc and have whatever opionion he wants and that can be entertaining. His driving style is entertaining. Physical confronting someone is over stepping the mark. The punishment is deserved and hopefully he'll learn. Being a great racing driver does not mean you are above the basic rules of civilised society.

Also, members of CTA, I offer some advice - no matter how good you are at your job and how much you think your employer's like you please don't go round shoving people because you will be fired! No community service for us real life plebs.
Dammit Rasputin!

I wish you had posted that advice yesterday! I was following my hero's (Max) footsteps yesterday and giving some annoying colleagues what for and now I've got meeting with HR today!! :(

PS. How do you tag people's names?
Dammit Rasputin!

I wish you had posted that advice yesterday! I was following my hero's (Max) footsteps yesterday and giving some annoying colleagues what for and now I've got meeting with HR today!! :(

PS. How do you tag people's names?

I hope the meeting goes okay.

As for tagging names, I had to ask that one as well, I was told you simply put an @ before their name.
I agree with pretty much everything you say RasputinLives but seeing a little bit of mild physicality from a driver simply doesn't possess me to condemn it. Obviously there is a limit to such behaviour, but I don't want all the drivers to be impeccably polite and restrained at all times. If on occasion one bubbles over and loses his cool, without actually hurting anyone then it's good that we get to see it. If it becomes a pattern then it's a problem. This may come across as if I condone Max's behaviour, or that I behave in that way myself. For the record I do not, and wouldn't dream of acting like that. But nor can I imagine how it feels to be a Red Bull F1 racing driver aged 20 and have a race win taken away by some cruddy driving.
How much longer are people going to use Max's age to excuse his behavior? This isn't his first season in F1 and he should have learned that other people are entitled to space on the track. I think his biggest problem is a Trump-like ego.
Too much smoke been blown up his arse.
I've made that mistake a couple of times with employees.
I've learned that it never works...
They just get more needy.
They piss everyone off.
And they never deliver the goods.
But at Amazon they don't have to deliver the goods; the drones will.

Maybe Max should have to undertake a support role for a couple of days, e.g. IT support because all you ever get is people moaning that something's gone wrong and apparently it's your fault.
Well this thread has taken a serious turn, I was hoping for some more off the wall suggestion like dog shit picking at a park in MK or maybe being made to milk the concrete cows.
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