What does the acronym DRS stand for?


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Brogans wicked new Avatar has so moved me that I could not resist the temptation any more. Thought it might be entertaining to make my very first thread ever a quite stupid one.

I'd love to see what you all think DRS stands for and a brief explanation as to why you think so. I'll start the ball rolling (hoping no-one has used it already) ....

Drag Racing Simplified : An easy way to outdrag your mates. Will be fitted to road cars as soon as the system is perfected by the boffins at the RTL (Road Transport Laboratory - for those not familiar with this quaint British institution).
You may notice I'm clicking just some of the like buttons but not all. I'd just like to impress on folk's that no favouritism is involved. I'm so chuffed that my first go at posting a thread has elicited some chuffung funny responses. To be honest I thought I'd left this one too late and that it would lurk unseen in the bowels of the archive! So, thanks, chums, most re-asssuring. Incidentally, I've always wondered, Do Robots Shred?
Possibly to Vettel retort "Drive right, Stupid"

Although based on Hamilton's Spanish experience - Deigo Racist Slogans

Of course sometimes Daft Rules, Shorty!

But in my heart I know it means Dizzy Rascal Sings
I have nothing against DRS - it has produced some stunning driving and track action - but it is hard to find a positive , a la Keke, to define the anacronym. Thinking hat on!
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