What are you most not looking forward to this season?

  • Waiting for 'car number 4 under investigation' after Hamilton even goes near another car
  • I'm going to hate watching highlights for the first 2 races >:(
  • Vettel's finger
  • The borefest that is European, Korean, Spanish, Sinapore, Indian, Abu Dhabi and probably the US Grands Prix
  • The constant guesswork that McLaren will have actually caught Red Bull only for them (Vettel) to pull out 0.7 seconds in Q3
  • Finally I'll miss Brundle :no:
Same! Not being able to watch all races live.
Only seeing highlights for 10 of the races, utter crap!
Seeing those pig ugly cars! HD?? Yuck! lol
A part from seeing Senna Williams and hopefully finding out really how good or bad he is, not much outside the usual hustle and bustle of a Gp weekend.

I don't see much changing this year, not in terms the competitiveness of the cars anyhow. Mercedes still in 4th the rest close to each other behind.....There you go whilst im typing ive found another reason wherhoo!

EDIT: it need to start reading the thread title better DOH! didn't see the "not"

what am i not looking forward to? Trying to find on online stream at 3am for the Aussie GP. Listening to James Allen commentating BBC5 live, The next Lewis Hamilton argument when he next has an iffy race. The Valenican and Abu Dhabi GPs
Lewis' first trip to the stewards office for.........driving a racing car, overtaking a racing car, being overtaken by a racing car, sitting in a racing car, looking at a racing car, going too fast in a racing car, going too slow in a racing car, being in the wrong place in a racing car, being in the right place in a racing car, doing two moves in a racing car, doing one move in a rfacing car, moving in a racing car, oh, and for being lewis hamilton.
Also as others have said Sky, and bad tracks.
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