What are we going to do about Felipe?


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Just had a thought. If Perez and Vettel are both going to Ferrari where is Alonso going to be in 2014? He has already said he will end his career there so is next years season Alonso's last?
His contract takes him through till the end of 2016 and he has said if he's still hungry and motivated he would love to continue beyond that. I'm guessing Alonso will be with Ferrari until the end of 2019.


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Kewee I'm pretty sure Hamilton was calling for fresh tyres, but let's get back on topic now.

Does anyone reckon Alonso would be willing to mentor a rookie (or younger driver at least) the same way Schumi did with Massa?

I think I could see it happen but only if it was near the end of his career... And I'm not sure if he wants to quit after 2016.


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What exactly do you by "mentoring" though? Grosjean claaimed Alonso gave some tips and help back in the Renault days when he arrived but what can a driver actually do other than telling him what he thinks the best line is at such and such a corner?


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Sack him, do not re-new his contract, move him over. He only seems to get his arse into gear when the 'negotiations' hove into view.

Yes, he has had a hard time, been injured and been disappointed - none of it has helped his ability to get to grips with what he is paid for. He's so far behind more often than not, that he can't even be an effective No. 2.
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