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From September until June I'm going to be living in Switzerland, near the French border. From a couple of google searches I've found very little about who broadcasts F1 in Switzerland, but I found something to suggest they get the Sky Germany coverage. Does anyone know anything about how/where to watch it?

There's a chance I could get around iPlayer not working abroad by using the uni VPN to trick it into thinking I'm in the UK, but that probably wouldn't go down well if they notice some pesky student is stealing all their bandwidth to stream videos from abroad...

Otherwise I'm going to have to live off news articles and Keke's overtaking videos!! Or slowly wean myself off F1... On the plus side December-March is the off-season I guess.
You can't stream bbc in Switzerland without VPN/proxy. It is on (several) of the tv channels on a basic pack (not in english)
You can't stream it here in Latvia.Or even the 5live commentary without VPN or via proxy.
You could always try the uni vpn. Yes they can trace it and stop you, but I doubt bandwidth is constrained at 2pm on a Sunday so it is not like you will be preventing some prof from doing his work, so I doubt they will care. Good luck there, I'm sure you will find f1 somewhere - have a blast, but mind those colliding atoms :)
Thanks for the suggestions, to be honest F1 is just the tip of the iceberg considering I haven't found the time to learn any French whatsoever :blink:.
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