Vote for your Classic Turkish Grand Prix

Hello guys.

I thought of a same idea like the BBC do when they show the users their classic races, or rather now the drivers do it so no fans get to vote.

So same system applies to 2010 and 2009 but for those who are unsure here are the basic rules:

Before every grand prix weekend I will post a thread asking you to vote for your classic grand prix.

It will have to be one of the grand prixs held at that venue/country on that weekend.
(eg. Now you are going to vote for your classic/favourite turkish grand prix)

For the highlights, I will try and find some on BBC and of course Youtube and other sites.Please remember that I may not be able to find the highlights of your vote so if so always have another one in mind...but dont state it.

If a venue/country has not hosted more than 5 GPs then I will give you links to the highlights of the races and we will vote on a different grand prix(eg Vote for your Classic race in 2010)

You are allowed 1 vote only of course..although I will allow you to change your vote if you want.

If you want to vote just post a comment stating the grand prix and year, as I cannot do a poll for obvious reasons...

Also I will need a helper to help me out find links and just count the votes it can be a mod or a normal member.If you dont mind helping me just state.:)

Any questions just ask and of course put your vote in the comment box and the results will be revealed soon..

Right now you are voting for your Favourite/Classic Turkish Grand Prix.It has been on the calender since 2005 where it was won by Kimi Raikkonen.

Felipe Massa has won 3 times in 06,07 and 08.But in 09 and 10 our British Duo have grabbed the honors.

My vote of course is for the 2010 race.I am expecting a whitewash and a bit of a boring start but the next race Spain has a long history so just wait and be patient.LOL

'05 - 0
'06 - 1 - but gets honorable mention(Grizzly mentioned that:rolleyes:)
'07 - 0
'08 - 1
'09 - 0
'10 - 6

I've enjoyed all of the Turkish races i think, even if most of the action happens behind the leader...

Only one really sticks out as a classic though because of the bizzare action at the front with RBR, and the supreme McLaren driving behind. It has to be '10 doesn't it 8-)
Turkey 2006 was gripping with Schumacher and Alonso fighting over second towards the end. 2010 will always be the best for the top 4 running within 1 second.
Tilke's best track, in my opinion, it's just such a shame that it will probably get taken off the calendar in the next couple of years. I would really like to visit it before it goes off the calendar. Did you know a General Admission ticket for all 3 days would cost you just £43? And that "general admission" means turns 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Faux Rouge, and half of the back straight?

Coupled with some fair plane tickets and some place to sleep, it would be a bargain.

Back on subject, I think it's quite obvious 2010 was the best race we've ever had at the Istanbulpark. I've explained before why it was my favourite Grand Prix ever, and I struggle to imagine that 2011 will beat it. It may, in pure entertainment terms, but I doubt it will carry the same emotion and intensity.
F1's greatest irony, the better tracks get kicked off the calendar while the rubbish tracks stay on. Inequality at its finest
Thanks everyone for commenting.

Enja I did not know that at all.. That seems good prices to me.

Also a general one to everyone please clearly state your favourite.classic/ the one your voting for.

Grizzly, MCLS and Enja have all voted for 2010.... Correct me if wrong..

So 4 votes to 2010 and that probably will unsurprisingly be the winner.
Try this to save confusion.

Copy/paste/edit as you like...

'05 - 0
'06 - 0 - but gets honorable mention
'07 - 0
'08 - 0
'09 - 0
'10 - 4
Just to be different, I'll vote for 2008.
A great battle between two drivers at the top of their game, on different fuel and tyre strategies, finishing a few seconds apart.
Just to be different, I'll vote for 2008.
A great battle between two drivers at the top of their game, on different fuel and tyre strategies, finishing a few seconds apart.

That was good with the split strategies.

Ill update the list in LWDCs absence...

'05 - 0
'06 - 0 - but gets honorable mention
'07 - 0
'08 - 1
'09 - 0
'10 - 5
Dont worry.

Seeing as you did that do you mind being my helper?? No pressure if dont want the job..:)
Can do. KekeTheKing has huge amounts of footage online. We'll have to tap him up for GP highlights he might have with virtual Marlboro's and biscuits ;)
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