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When logging into the website on my Samsung mobile phone, i found i couldn't write a comment from it.

Is their any particular phone you have to have to comment on this website?


It should work with most phones and browsers.
I haven't seen a bug reported on the company forum with regards to not being able to post from any phones.

What was the error?
Did you try switching to the plain text editor?

Does anyone else have problems posting via a mobile device, whether it be Windows, Android, Apple or any other type?
Hey Brogan.

Well i can sign in no problems from my mobile phone but i just can't comment on this website from it.

I'll have a look it to it might have to download something for my phone.
Hammy, I sometimes have the same problem.

I run a HTC desire, and use the standard Android browser. When the phone is set up to see the full version of sites, I am unable to comment, yet when using the mobile version, it is fine.

Are you using the standard browser? what phone do you have?

There are some sites that behave a little funny when you view the full site on a obile browser.
Ah, if you're spoofing the browser to make it appear as if it's a desktop browser, then that is probably the reason.

I did some testing in the early days using a Dell Streak and it seemed to work, likewise with an iPhone and iPad.
The Pits

I have a Samsung Mobile Phone touch phone, couldn't tell you what one i have cause i can't remember the number of it.

I think i just have a standard browser. Could this be the reason i can't comment on this website?
Time to bump up an old one as I couldn't create a new thread as every time I try to create a new thread using Google chrome on my iphone 5 the browser crashes.

It works fine using safari on my phone but with chrome it doesn't want to play. I've tried rebooting the phone as well as turning off all other applications so it's not a phone memory issue.

Has anyone else had the same problem? Is it something to report to xenforo or is it more likely to be a google issue I need to take up with them?
Chrome has recently updated itself on the old iPhone and I've noticed this site has now lost it's left hand spacing. Things are still readable but all the text is now upto the edge of the screen while browsing. It's nothing major but thought you should be aware.
I should add that I added some CSS last night to reduce the left and right padding when the screen width drops to 340px or lower:
@media (max-width:340px)
    .Responsive #content .pageContent
        padding: 0px;

So it could be that?

What that does is changes it from this at 341px and wider:

To this:

I can put it back to how it was if you prefer?
I just assumed that at that width, padding was less important than content.
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