This years big midfield battle


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Well at the moment this part of the grid is what's exciting me more than most.

Force India have started out marvelously and in Sutil and di Resta they have two experienced guys at the wheel. In Australia between them they collected Force India 10 points and are the first midfield out fit to pick up points of the season.

Sauber have a good line up with Nico Hulkenberg and Esteban Gutierrez, but all the pre-season promise is yet to show up for the team. Hulkenberg has had two seasons under his belt and will need to lead this team to the points in the opening races of the season. While young Esteban needs to bring the car home and nab a point here and they if the opportunity arises.

Williams this team is a very unknown quantity at the moment, cause in pre-season testing they didn't show their hands to much at all. With Maldonado having the pressure on him to lead the British based outfit but like last year I can't see him been all that consistent in the race but the guy has speed in him. While Bottas is just a young guy in his debut season and is in the same boat as Gutierrez really. However, all the hype surrounding Bottas he needs to have a strong season. At the minute his goal should be to get outta qualifying 3 and making strides forward in the race.

Toro Rosso this is another team with a big season behind them. The car is set up for both drivers to decide on a wide range of set ups. For me Jean Eric Vergne is the one outta the pair of them that I can see doing well this season. He seems to have the bit between his teeth and wants to send the team forward. You only have to look at how he adapted to conditions in Australia. But Ricciardio is a dark horse and we'll have to see how he goes. But IMHO these two need to be getting the car into the points more regally if they are to stand a chance of beating the other midfield running teams. This is also an important year for both to step up to the plate and say to Red Bull pick me for 2014 to drive alongside possibly Vettel - not confirmed yet!

Plus one of the back-markers is already making a good name for himself so far this season. Could Jules Bianchi become the first back-marker to score points for a back-maker team this season?

Mclaren and Mercedes aren't added to this because both will surely be fighting for Podiums come the middle of the season.

So from me this is a question :).

I want a prediction from you all, so we can look back at this come the end of the season. Which midfield outfit will finish the highest in this seasons constructors championship?
Midfield battle doesn't look to be tight at all at the moment.

Looks as if Force India have got the jump on everyone, Hulkenberg looks to have made the wrong move. The Sauber hasn't shown any pace, yet there was talk in winter testing of him getting a podium a few times in the season.

Williams looks all at sea.

Toro Rosso just look to be where they've always been, their best season bar 2008 was 2011, when they had Buemi (Moose) and Algasaurus in their team, reliability and misfortune cost them constructor championship positions.

Force India to win this one, seem to have the best line up out of them all too.
Well had Force India not mucked up their pit-stops I think we'd have seen a good battle between Sutil and Di Resta v Hulkenberg. The standings so far:

Force India: 10
Sauber: 4
Toro Rosso: 1
Williams: 0

Force India hold a 6 point lead after round 2. Will update throughout the season :).
Williams seem to have taken a backward step and Maldonado is still struggling to finish a race. Right now Hulkenberg's move to Sauber looks like a mistake as the Force India has been very quick out of the box, however it is still very early days
The Hulk was on pretty good form in Malaysia though and would have been sharing the same piece of track as the Force India's if they'd been able to get their wheels attached.

I think Hulks move to Sauber was about being given clear number one status if I'm honest. I expect him to be beating Di Resta and battling with Sutil most of the season.

JEV has shown signs he's going to mix it up in the midfield this year but team wise you have to go Force India even if they don't end up with the highest scoring driver.
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