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I figured it was about time I did a quiz.
So here it is; a collection of the weird and wonderful in F1.

A point for each driver plus a bonus point for also guessing the GP, where applicable, making a total of 33 points available.
Q1 and Q5 have 1 point available.
Q4 has 3 points available.
All the rest are worth 2 points.

1. Who qualified in 3rd at the 1959 US GP, cutting 6 seconds from his previous best time, by taking a shortcut?
Harry Schell.
Several teams protested, most vociferously Ferrari due to Tony Brooks being demoted from the front row. After the race it emerged that during qualifying Schell had secretly cut across the circuit during a lull in traffic, bypassing the entire straight and the Warehouse Hairpin.

2. Who pushed his car up the hill and over the finish line, due to running out of fuel on the last lap, to win the World Drivers' Championship?
Jack Brabham at the 1959 US GP.

3. Who was unable to find a taxi or rental car at the airport and was forced to hitchhike to the circuit with his baggage and racing gear?
Jack Brabham at the 1963 US GP.

4. Which two drivers stripped naked in the pits during the race so one could have the other's clothes, due to his own being soaked in fuel?
John Surtees gave his clothes to Graham Hill at the 1970 US GP.

5. Who mistook visor cleaning fluid for eyedrops and was unable to participate in the 1975 US GP?
Jacques Laffite.
Lella Lombardi's car had electrical failure and she tried to become the first female driver at The Glen by using Laffite's car but she didn't fit.

6. Who has one start to their name, despite not qualifying, and was subsequently disqualified for starting illegally?
Hans Heyer at the 1977 German GP.
He qualifed 27th when 24th was the last place on the grid. He lined up on the grid on Sunday for the race, and went completely unnoticed by everyone. When he retired with gear-linkage problems, his illegal start was noticed and he was disqualified.

7. Who drove an entire lap on just 2 wheels after his left rear tyre exploded which resulted in his right front tyre losing contact with the circuit?
Gilles Villeneuve at the 1979 Dutch GP.

8. Who claims to be the only driver to have started an F1 race in reverse?
Nigel Mansell at the 1982 US West GP.
Elio de Angelis lined up on the wrong side of the grid and reversed out of the slot, bumping Nigel Mansell who was behind him. Mansell put his car into reverse assuming that de Angelis was going to come back further, when the green start light came on.

9. Who spun and stalled when leading but managed to bump-start his car by coasting downhill and won the race?
Ricardo Patrese at the 1982 Monaco GP.
Alain Prost was leading on lap 74 when he crashed. Ricardo Patrese was leading on lap 75 when he spun and stalled at the Loews hairpin. Didier Pironi took over the lead but ran out of fuel, as did Andrea de Cesaris. Derek Daly suffered a seized gearbox on the last lap. Patrese meanwhile had managed to bump-start his car by coasting downhill and won the race.

10. Who stalled on the last lap while waving to the crowd?
Nigel Mansell at the 1991 Canadian GP.
It is thought that whilst waving to the crowd he let the engine revs drop too low which resulted in him stalling.

11. Who ran in to the back of his team mate, flipped up in the air doing a complete 360, before landing back on the wheels and crossing the finish line?
Christian Fittipaldi at the 1993 Italian GP.
His team mate was Pierluigi Martini. They finished 7th and 8th.

12. Who pitted on the final lap after colliding with Mika Häkkinen, allowing Häkkinen to finish third, despite his car being more badly damaged?
Rubens Barrichello at the 1994 British GP.

13. Who stalled during qualifying and was then hit and flipped upside down by a course car being driven by Jean Ragnotti?
Taki Inoue at the 1995 Monaco GP.
Inoue was knocked unconscious but recovered and took part in the race on Sunday.

14. Who was hit and knocked over by a course car, while trying to extinguish a small fire on his car?
Taki Inoue at the 1995 Hungarian GP.

15. Who entered the pits after hearing a radio call which did not come from his team?
Mika Häkkinen at the 1998 Australian GP.
On lap 36 Mika Häkkinen came into the pits unexpectedly, apparently having misheard a call over the radio. He drove straight back out but lost 1st position to David Coulthard. A few laps before the end of the race David Coulthard let Mika Häkkinen past as they had made a pre-race agreement that the driver who led at the first corner would go on to win the race, should he be in the position to do so. Coulthard and McLaren were heavily criticised and the issue went to the World Motorsport Council where it was discovered that someone had hacked into McLaren's radio frequency and told Häkkinen to pit.

16. Who won a race by crossing the finish line in the pits while serving a stop-go penalty for overtaking under the safety car?
Michael Schumacher at the 1998 British GP.
He served his penalty on the final lap of the race and in doing so crossed the finish line before reaching his pit box. McLaren protested but as the penalty had been issued 6 minutes after the 25 minute time limit had expired and it was unclear whether it was a stop-go penalty or a time penalty, the appeal was rejected and the penalty was withdrawn. The 3 stewards involved handed in their licences as a result of the incident.

17. Which footballer waved the chequered flag too soon technically making Takuma Sato the race winner, despite being 1 lap behind the leader?
Pelé at the 2002 Brazilian GP.
When Michael Schumacher crossed the finish line, Pelé was talking to someone and forgot to wave it again.
Thanks TBY, edited.

BTW, it's out of 33 as mentioned in the first post:
A point for each driver plus a bonus point for also guessing the GP, where applicable, making a total of 33 points available.
8 - i dont feel so bad now seeing everyones scores lol. i learnt some interesting nuggets of info along the way as well. thx for the quiz :)
I didn't have patience to count the points, however I knew a couple of them. These are really useful informations for a trivia fan, like me :)
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