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It seems there is something new about this website I can't quite put my finger on, but I can remember a grey/orange look some time ago...

Maybe, by coincidence, now is the time to post a quiz about rebranding...

1. Who drove the only car in the last race of "Bruce McLaren Motor Racing" before cigarette sponsors changed their name?

Denny Hulme in 1971

2. Lotus colours famously changed from green in 1968. Where was their first cigarette packet coloured car driven?

Jarama, Spain

3. Which driver won the World Championship in a blue and white Ferrari?

John Surtees in 1964 when the Scuderia used a separate entrant in North American races

4. Which driver was the only finisher in European Aviation Minardi's first race?

Fernando Alonso

5. Who scored a point for Arrows the first time their cars were painted orange in the 90s?

Pedro de la Rosa

6. When Copersucar became Fittipaldi, which future World Champion joined the obvious past World Champion in the car?

Keke Rosberg

7. Who was the last man to score points for Tyrell, who went on to drive for BAR?

Mika Salo at Monaco in 1997

8. Who was Germany's only driver in the year that the country was rebranded (1990)?

Bernd Schnieder in the US Grand Prix...

9. Who won the Italian GP in Imola before the San Marino GP branding came in

Nelson Piquet in 1980

10. Who won the race immediately before the founding of Clip the Apex?

Lewis Hamilton at the 2008 Monaco Grand Prix

I wonder when I became a Site Contributor?
I'm chuffed with 5
Brilliant as always TBY
8 some how.

i guessed Q7 right but i dont know how to do spoiler without the option staring me straight in the race DOH! TBy chech your messages lol.

that poast didn't goes has planned
I can't edit my post here, but as AMR says Q7 is wrong:
Hmmm, there must be a configuration issue as I've enabled editing of posts by default.

Edit: It would seem I forgot I set it to 24 hours :D
I've just changed that to indefinite for Site Contributors and above :)
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