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No-one ever called Gordon Brown, James Brown, or Tony Blair, Charles Blair, or Nick Clegg, William Clegg.

Besides which, his full name is George Gideon Oliver Osborne, is it not?

Which would make his actual first name George, not Gideon.


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Why call George Osborne Gideon unless you are trying to make some specific (political?) point?


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I have to say I find the whole class thing rather silly these days considering how many members of every party come from privileged backgrounds, have some sort of title and went to schools such as Eton, Cambridge, etc.

Even Lord Prescott famously went back on his claim that he would never accept a title of any kind.

There really is very little difference between any party these days when it comes to MPs' backgrounds.

As for Labour being the party of the common man, all of the current banking legislation was put in place when they were in power and the gap between rich and poor was never greater than at the end of their tenure in office.

Of course I could be mistaken and everything bad which happened in the last 13 years could all be the fault of the Conservatives.

It usually is.
A lot of the reform of banking regulations started with the Maggie led Conservatives and expanded happily by Blairs new Labour

Americanisation, trying to pretend that everyone is the same class, then no one can complain that those getting good roles all went to IVY league schools or Oxbridge


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The recent expenses scandals probably opened a lot of people's eyes with regards to exactly where most MP's priorities lie.
Those who weren't already aware that is.

I wasn't surprised to read that MP's have set up a new body to oversee the body which was set up to oversee them, with regards to expenses.
Apparently a lot of them are quite upset they can no longer claim for things as they did before.

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Wasn't there an episode of "Yes, Minister" which dealt with precisely that (only applied to the Civil Service, rather than the MPs)?


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Forgetting you paid off your mortgage over a year ago is easily done you know, I bet we’ve all done it. :whistle:


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Labour made mistakes but I always felt they were mistakes rather than systematic decisions.

It all comes down to what sort of country you want to live in and nobody's going to change their minds about that now. I'd probably best go back to bashing the Lib Dems, they're a soft target.


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My greatest fear is that all who are currently struggling for democracy will feel so disenfranchised the whole thing will start up again in 20 years time - if not before.


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The biggest problem with our democracy is that far too many of our politicians are too enmeshed in their party political ideology and failing to think outside of their particular boxes for the good of the whole population, not just their party faithful.

Tonight, on BBC News 24, we had an analyst arguing that we're nearly in the same situation as Greece. He is either ignorant of, or simply unaware that Greece is in the state it's in because virtually no-one, other than public employees, pays any tax. If a government does collect any tax at all how the heck can it pay its bills let alone its debts? If the Greece thing brings down the Eurozone then every MEP and EEC/EU Commissioner in situ when Greece was allowed in, should be sequestered for the debt. It was they who signally failed to carry out the basic test of Greece's financial viability as a member of the EU.

The subject under discussion was the collapse of the job market as another 80,000 UB40's took the UK unemployment figure over 2.5 million. The person he was arguing with was a businessman who points out that UK businesses aren't recruiting because the current policies have driven their customers onto the dole. His is a simple equation. If his target markets are unemployed he can't sell his goods and services, can't pay the people he's got, let alone employ more people.

And that's just one of the problems facing our economy and one example of how the political agenda isn't even working for its own supporters.

Until the people advising the government (whatever shade it may be) actually listen and think about what other folk's are going through and saying we're going nowhere first and hell faster.

Apologies for having my rant of the day on Clip, but it seems to be the only forum where there's a reasonable chance of a sensible debate. This I think is partly thanks to the high quality and consistent stewarding by the mod's. Something else 'Clip' can teach Parliament and F1.


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Interesting article on the state of US politics: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-15065209

And an opinion piece by Mark Mardell: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-15070087

This has been building for a while, but in the last 10 years the policies/voters/ideologies of the Democrats and Republicans have been moving further apart at an ever increasing rate.

With a different party in charge of the Senate and the HoR, it was inevitable that Obama's term was going to be mired in political in-fighting and that very little would happen.


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I'm pretty sure that Obama is set to be a one term president. Swept into power on a wave of optomism perhaps it was always going to be too much of a weight to carry. His administration has been marked by too much caution in almost every area and in several important areas he has been unable or un-willing to carry out his pre-election promises. The failure to close Guantanamo being one area that will be sure to have the liberals in his party upset.

The Republican party need to unite behind a single candidate but the big block vote of the "Tea Party" supporters may scupper any chance to unite the party behind one candidate. This in the long run could be Obama's saving grace because there is no way that the majority of Americans are going to back an ultra right wing candidate.

No serious Demoncratic candidate would risk political suicide by challenging Obama now so the Demoncratic nomination will almost certainly be unopposed so I would have thought the only real spoiler will come from a third party candidate. I guess this is where the Tea Party could really make their mark. If they don't get their choice of candidate then what's to say that they wouldn't put a third party spoiler on the ticket?


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Agreed on pretty much all points.

Obama's also getting the blame for the economy, even though the damage was done well before he got into power.

Much like the current government here.


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Oh God, why does Ed Milliband sound like he's taking part in a college debating society. Whether you like the Tories or not what any Government needs is a strong opposition and we have the nightmare team of the wrong Milliband and Ed Balls. The Labour party really is ****ed.
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