The Numbers Quiz 21-30


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I just noticed I sneaked 11 questions into the previous quiz. Maybe as an apology for Moises Solana! Here is the next 10!

21. Between 2004 and 2007, how many times did car ?21 appear in the points?

Twice, Zsolt Baumgartner in USA 2004 and Christijan Albers in USA 2005

22. Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton won World Titles in car ?22 in the past two years. Name the three other drivers to win in car ?22, once each. (1/3 point for each)

J.M. Fangio
D. Gurney
J. Siffert

23. Before Kovalainen and Barrichello, car ?23 had one win to its name. It was Jim Clark's win at Spa in 1964. How many wins did Clark have after winning that race?


24. Before Timo Glock this year, who was the last driver to drive ?24?

Mika Salo in 2002

25. For which constructor did Rene Arnoux complete a record 64 races in car ?25?


26. Car ?26 has secured 9 wins. The last how many have been won by Jacques Laffite?

The last 6. The other winners were Fangio, Moss and Ickx

Finally, to Alberto Ascari. He died shortly after the Monaco Grand Prix of 1955 testing a Ferrari sportscar. What was weird about his death?

The weirdness relates to his father Antonio Ascari. Both Ascaris were 36. Both died 4 days after surviving serious accidents (Alberto having taken a dip in the Monaco harbour). Both had won 13 Grand Prix, both drove ?26 in their last races. Both crashed at the exit of fast but easy left-handers, both leaving behind a wife and two children. Both died on the 26th of the month. The only other driver to head into the harbour in Monaco, Paul Hawkins, also died on the track, also on the 26th May

27. How many times was Gilles Villenueve classified for a race in car ?27?

7 times. 2 wins in 1981, a second in 1982, a third in 1981, a fourth in 1981 and two no point finishes in 1981!

28. Which driver drove more than 100 races in car ?28?

Gerhard Berger

29. Who is the only driver (in the early 80s) to sit on pole in car ?29?

Riccardo Patrese for Arrows at the 1981 US West GP.

30. What was ?30's last driver Heinz-Harald Frentzen's best result in Sauber ?30

3rd at Monza in 1995.
The button on Q.29 doesn't work TBY but I think it unlikely I got it right anyway so a big, fat 0 for me

There were some real stinkers in there but really interesting as usual :thumbsup:
Cheers TBY, I can now proudly upgrade my pitiful 0 to a massive 1
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