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So Sebastian Vettel has become the first Champion not to win a race on F1's mother continent in his Big Year. So here's a few questions about Not Europe and F1.

1. Giancarlo Fisichella never won a race in Europe, but won three elsewhere. Of his 19 podiums, how many were earned outside of Europe?


2. The first Championship race outside of Europe that was not the Indianapolis 500 was held in Buenos Aires in 1953. Who won it?

Alberto Ascari

3. There are thirty countries to have held Grands Prix (exc. San Marino & Luxembourg). How many are outside of Europe (counting Turkey inside Europe)?

15. Half point 14, 16.

4. Other than the USA, which country outside Europe has held the most Grands Prix?

Canada, with 43, edges out Brazil's 40

5. The 1990 Japanese GP saw a non-European podium outside of Europe, with another non-European winning the title. But other than podiumistas Piquet, Moreno and Suzuki, which other non-European scored a point?

Satoru Nakajima, 6th for Tyrrell

6. The record for most wins at a non-European circuit is Michael Schumacher's 7 at Montreal, with his 6 at Suzuka second. Third equal is Schumi's 5 at Indianapolis and Alain Prost's 5 at which circuit?


7. This year a non-European team scored fastest lap at a non-European circuit. Name the European driver.

Nico Hulkenburg (Singapore)

8. How many Grands Prix has Sebastian Vettel won since his last win in Europe?


9. When is the last time the Constructors Championship was settled in Europe?

2007, when it was settled at Place de la Concorde Spa. Take three-quarters of a point if you said the far more... usual... decisive race at Hungaroring in 2004

10. These are the Champions to win the title in Europe since Jody Scheckter's Monza win in 1979. Fill in the gap.


PROST, Portugal 1993

(Lauda POR 84, Prost EUR 85, Mansell HUN 92, Prost POR 93, Villeneuve EUR 97, Schumacher HUN 01, Schumacher FRA 02, Schumacher BEL 04)
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