The Next Generation of F1 superstars

Who is going to be F1's next superstar?

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World Champion
Every decade there comes a point in F1 when we witness the start of the next superstar in F1 once they win their first race

Senna - Estoril 1985

Schumacher - Spa 1992

The two above stood above the rest namely because it was an era where drivers did not start F1 until they were 25 years old and raced until their mid to late 30's and got a longer career out of it so you had to be exceptional to be the next biggest thing to upset the establishment

Today it seems drivers start younger and they have a much shorter time to make it count in F1 before someone else gets their shot

Certain key moments I remember

2003 - F1 Magazine thought Alonso, Raikkonen and Montoya were the next generation of superstars

This was the first time for a few seasons that Schumacher ad some serious challenge to his supremacy and domination after Hakkinen's retirement

It also when Button was able to how his abilities when some thought his career was over when he was sacked by Renault (Flavio)

They were certainly correct with the exception of Montoya who's career went downhill and out . The other 3 have become world champions

2006 - Autosport reviewed the career paths of Hamilton, Rosberg, Kovalainen and Kubica as they have raced each other numerously in junior careers and were expected to match the jump

Vettel had not been mentioned at the time as he was racing in Euro F3 whilst they were in GP2 or WSR3.5 at the time and his moment came when he won for Toro Rosso in 2008 at Monza to become the youngest pole sitter and winner

Which brings me to 2016 Spain where Max Verstappen won to be the youngest winner and is this a sign that the era of Hamilton and Vettel is going to end soon

the BBC have outlined the 4 next generation of superstars and off course Max is one of them . Red Bull and Mclaren should be proud (except Mclaren needs to learn how to keep them)

The drivers competing to become Formula 1's next global stars

Do you agree?
It's hard to look past Verstappen currently, youngest race winner and in a top team, barring catastrophe or total meltdown of himself/the team...
it helps he had the PR machine behind him created by Red Bull but also Max is prepared to show some ruthlessness which may have also been the reason that they had to move him out of the Toro Rosso team because it became too much to handle

I realised I did not put Kyvat as an option so does anyone think Danii can prove everyone wrong because it looks like he's becoming a whipping boy
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There is a kid named Lando Norris who is most likely going to come into F1 in a whole dazzle of thunder and lightening like Max did in the next couple of years.

The PR has already started and he is already virtually wearing a badge that says 'Lewis Hamilton's successor' on it presented to him by the press. To be fair he looks pretty spectacular and handy in his first year in cars and his karting record is second to none (literally).

Anyways he gets my vote.
RasputinLives I expected you to be champion for Vandoorne but it seems like already another new kid on the block could be on the horizon

The "New Lewis Hamilton" tag I have to get familiar with that because it was always " The New Senna!" I remember and plenty of drivers have failed to live up to that yardstick namely Jarno Trulli and Jan Magnussen
Oh I think Vandoorne has the talent and if he gets the right car he'll grab it with both hands. I just think if you're talking 'superstar' then the picture changes very quickly and usually drivers come to the front really quickly and out of nowhere rather than work their way up. If you'd ran this poll two years ago Verstappen's name wouldn't have even been on the list but now he'll prob head it.

I brought Lando Norris up because he has the potential to be huge in both media and sporting form. Still a way to go for him but the sponsors will jump on him and marketing him to the nth degree if he keeps getting results.

I mean the Star Wars tie in alone will be huge ;)

Well you have to thank his dad for giving him a name that will be known universally

Like I said there comes a season when the next stars will emerge..people thought 2014 was a good year with Ricciardo, Kyvat, and Bottas but you have to say only Daniel looks like he will carry the momentum at the moment
With a few notable exceptions (Button, Hakkenien, Mansell) most world champions have won a Grand Prix in there first two seasons of racing it at least at the beginning of their third (Kimi won his first race of his third season). I did an article on it ages ago.

Riccardo just about squeezes into that, Verstappen is very much in the Hamilton/Vettel zone but I'm afraid Bottas looks like he's missed a trick.

Of course exceptions always happen. Rosberg could be one of those.
Ollie Rowland was mega in the support race at Monaco last year. I suspect he is probably a bit too "over enthusiastic" to suit many of the F1 team managers.

He's currently part of the Renault young driver programme so he needs to fine tune his ability and I am sure teams will snap him up
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I'll champion Ocon. He is a real class driver. Massive consistency, very clever tactically. Shades of Alain Post.

Once again like nearly all mentioned (other than KMag) if he gets the right drive he'll be a proper world beater.....but he needs to get the right drive. There the problem with prediction.

I mean I still convinced Robin Frinjs could win multiple world titles if he got the right drive but that's never going to happen now.
A good contribution Il_leone and I gave you a like, except for your comment on Montoya. His career in F1 may have ended, though largely through his own choice, he'd had a gutsful of F1 politics, but he certainly hasn't gone downhill and out. He was thrilled to return to America and after his career in NASCAR, returned to IRL and almost won the IRL title and won his second Indy 500 from the back of the field making him the current Indy 500 Champion. Yes F1 is the technological leader which is why the driver with the best car normally wins, but I've said on this site many times, the cars are largely equal in Indycar racing making the drivers the hero's. You don't often see a driver win off the back in F1, we should recognise Montoya's skills, a driver doesn't have to race in Europe to have talent. Winning the IRL title is as difficult as winning in F1 and much more dangerous, and the Indy 500 is considered one of the toughest races in the world to win.
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