The most despised people/teams in F1 history.


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I have been watching Formula One since the mid eighties, a great time period for the sport I feel. Lots of characters have come and gone and we often talk about the most well liked individuals in the sport. I put it to you to tell me and the whole CTA nation who are the people and/or teams that you do not like, hate, despise, or even just "love to hate"?

I will weigh in with my feelings soon, but right now I have to get ready for my class coming back in from recess.


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I have to say I think Michael Schumacher is the person who attracts the most hatred mainly because he was always the bad guy in the press and he just kept on winning. But then someone who wins relentlessly always attracts hatred (look at Man U!) the only person I know who avoided that was Valentino Rossi.

Senna was also hated but that changed after his death. Prost attracted hatred when he came back in 1993, Alonso certainly attracted the wrath of the British in 2007 but Schumacher still seems to boil up absolute hatred in people to the point where they have to write long long essays trying to prove he didn't deserve any of his titles or wins.


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Ferrari. The pantomime villains who are usually a nusance with di Montezemelo spouting crap about how magnificent Ferrari are and how lucky the other teams are to even race in Ferrari's presence.

Alonso as well, a great racing driver but his ethics are clouded, he's always associated with controversy in F1 but never directly tied to it (except when granted immunity!) and the name Teflonso was very well thought out.

Hamilton is also hated by a lot of people, he can come across arrogant and many people remember Australia 2009.


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Hamilton is also hated by a lot of people, he can come across arrogant and many people remember Australia 2009.
Pretty sure he was hated long before that, in his rookie season in fact.

Bernie has to be in with a shout at top spot, surely?

Also Max Mosley.


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I don't know, but it is an anagram of Flabio Vriatore.

Isn't that a spoonerism? :D

Anyway, there isn't really anyone who attracts my hatred - I certainly dislike certain individuals/teams such as Schumi, Ecclestone and the like for their personality and some due to their driving ability/style *cough Trulli*. Yet I would not take time out of my day throwing darts at a picture of one of them.


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I have to agree with FB, I can remember my dad getting really mad at him when I was younger. After watching the Senna film (I know there is some bias in this movie, but he still did and said what was shown) I have a better understanding of what shady things he got up to.

I have never watched a movie where I hated the villain as much and I hate Balestre! His ego was so gigantic that it dwarfed Senna and Prost's own attempts at biggest egos.

That said, every person and team that have been mentioned are great candidates. Hamilton seems to be a definite Marmite character in the sport, you either love him or hate him. Schumacher and Alonso just seem to fit that rouge mold (Schuy probably fits more as a tyrant in many people eyes though).

There are just so many to choose from. Thanks for your opinions guys, they are always appreciated.


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Tilke. Why do we need someone to come in and 'design' circuits when the whole point (to me, at least) of F1 was that when they started, they raced on old airfields, street circuits, parks etc.


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Too many...

Someone once asked me "who do you support in F1" back in 2010.

I said "I am a natural",

My girlfriend butts in and says "What???! You hate half of the grid!"

And by golly was she right! :shocked:

Well currently Vettel's despised by a lot, used to be Alonso, and Hamilton;

Which one is winning this week? That one.

I myself, don't like, Helmut Marko, Ron Dennis, Collin Kolles, McLaren etc.

Starting to dislike Red Bull aswell, but not because they are winning.
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