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I haven't contributed to the Quiz thread for a while so here are 10 questions on BBC pundit Eddie Jordan's former day job.

1) Which veteran Formula One driver was hired to be the initial test and development driver on the Jordan 191?

John Watson

2) Which of Jordan's 1991 season drivers failed to pre qualify on the teams debut?

Andrea De Ceseris

3) Rubens Barichello had to suffer five different team mates in 1993. For 1/5th of a point each, Name them.

1) Ivan Capelli
2) Thierry Boutson
3) Marco Apicella
4) Emanuele Naspetti
5) Eddie Irvine

4) Rubens Baricello scored the first podium for a Hart engine since which driver?

Ayrton Senna

5) What position did Andrea De Cesaris finish in his last ever race for Jordan in 1994?


6) Damon Hill took Jordan's first ever win at the 1998 Belgium GP after telling Jordan where he would stick a clearly faster Ralf Schumacher if he attempted to pass but where did Hill qualify that weekend ??

3rd (Ralf was 8th on the grid)

7) After replacing a sacked Heinz Harold Frentzen what was Jordan hero Jean Alesi's best finish for the team?


8) Why was Jarno Trulli disqualified from the 2001 Austrian GP

He left the pitlane when the red light was on

9) Who scored the final podium for the team?

Tiago Montero (at that USA Grand Prix !!)

10) Which company did Eddie Jordan sue for 150 million pounds in 2003 claiming breach of a verbal sponsorship agreement before withdrawing the action and agreeing to pay the companies costs. The judge in the case branding Eddie Jordan's claim as "without foundation and false"


Should see some high scores here I hope.

Good luck all.
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