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Hello all.

Just joined after getting a tip from the 606 website.

Am a massive Lotus fan. I hope they return to the grid one day.

Until then I am supporting Williams plus any one who drives the wheels off the car and makes F1 watchable.

Talk to all you soon.




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Welcome to the site C_A_T

There's a useful welcome thread here which gives an overview of all of the features available on the site.

P.S. Tell your friends about us :D


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Welcome c_a_t

Hope you enjoy the site, there are usually a few of us in Chat (top right) during the evenings.

Have a good look round and enjoy


Hi C_A_T,

Welcome to the forum :D

Hope you have hours of fun.. it's a bit addictive here and as GM says, chat is excellent. Looking forward to welcoming you there soon.


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Hi guys,

Another ex-606 POW. I'm sure many of you have seen me sloping around muttering to myself before, so if you dont mind me finding a quiet place in the corner to continue my mutterings it would be much appreciated


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Hi gav

Welcome to the site.
If you'd waited for 1 more person to join you would have been the 50th genuine member and eligible for the Grand Prize[sup]*[/sup]

[sup]*[/sup] Not really :D


How do chaps. I'm another 606er who gets cheesed off by the WUMs and raving monster fanatics there.

I've watched F1 and BTCC for as long as I can remember, but I'm a relative newcomer to serious motorsport following, having had an epiphany when I worked at a place where they all banged on about football and rugby and one day thought 'I don't give shit about this stuff - where's something fast going round a track?'.

Now self-employed in Nottingham so get to Rockingham and Donington fairly often. I watch the BTCC, F1, MotoGP and since the start of this year the British GT3 too - mainly because I was given the job of designing the decals for the CiM Ferrari :D

Nice place Brogan. Thanks for keeping plugging it on 606 - glad I finally made the leap.


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Welcome markxero :)

Glad you finally decided to join us

There may be a few of us around for live chat during this weekend's BTCC race meeting at Snetterton so check in if you're around.


Hi markzero, welcome to the forum

Great photo's you have uploaded for the gallery :cheers:


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well now the new forum is up and running i feel safe to post at last!

What can i say about me.. errrmmm... been a motorsprt fanatic since i was a kid (since yesterday then) mostly into four wheels F1, le mans, indycar, BTTC, DTM, GP2 etc etc but i do enjoy some motoGP at times as well. Also like a bit of truck racing mostly because they really know how to crash properly and be really destructive at the same time ROFL

i joined 606 same day as this site but i mostly enjoy there for the comedy value (and the odd sensible poster like gordonmurry)

Apart from that i'm originally from bucks but somehow ended up in the west mids via a 2 year sabatical in the USA.

As for my name slickskid.... slick came from my early car days and the drive holding more oil than the sump, skid.. well i've had 1 or two memorable ones :o but really i couldn't think of another name

Oh and i nearly forgot, apparently i'm cheeky!! who would have thought it..... :p salti



I'm Linda.. 34 yrs old.. from Scotland..

I met the site owner through our mutual disdain of informe and their (lack of) support.

I like F1. I don't go in much for other motorsport. I'm no expert but I do have lots of opinions.

I will be hanging around here back n forth, because it looks like a nice gaff.



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Welcome to the site Linda

It's a friendly place and although it's primarily a motorsport forum, anything goes in the Gravel Trap, even discussing your favourite TV program... ;)

You'll be pleased to hear you're not the only Scottish lass on here.
We've got a fair few members from north of the border and some from west of it, like my good self

Glad to have you on board :thumbsup:


Hello, I am new to this site - obviously! I'm a huge motor racing and darts fan. I support:

BTCC - Fabrizio
WTCC - Yvan Muller
F1 - David Coulthard
Darts - John Part
Football - Dundee United

I live a very dull and boring life, but I have a season ticket to Knockhill, so at least I get out every now and then!!


Hiya Everyone,

I'm Nick, I'm from England and I love motorsports! I mainly follow F1 and BTCC but I'll watch almost anything motorsport if its on TV! :D

I found this site by following a link from the google ads on my forum BATracer Unlimited. Make sure you check it out! :)
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