The Grand National 2015 (and the boat race)


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The yearly equivalent of the horse racing lottery is on Saturday afternoon. Anyone having a flutter?

My once a year horse bet is placed. I'm ready for the weekend.
Hoping for AP to take the win on Shutthefrontdoor with Night in Milan, Saint Are and Royal knight coming in in the top 4. That would be a nice pay day :)

I also have Mon Parrain, Cause of Causes, Court By Surprise and Soll in the office sweep. Must have a chance of a win yes?

p.s. Go Lewis (what the hell I was betting on the horses anyway)

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Meh, the cities aren't what gives me disinterest its the winning margin. 11 lengths was it last year? Dull.

According to these odds Oxford have already crossed the line.
Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 14.55.13.png
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Those in the know estimate that the Bookies stand to be down 30 million pounds if AP wins. He is set to be riding the shortest odds horse since Red Rum in 75. First Lieutenant gets my vote.
Cambridge will win the boat race.

I'm not up to date on British horse racing, but if I was betting on it, I'd be betting on the grey with the best odds, each way. If there's no grey, no bet. It's a tradition of mine.
I always bet on greys until I bet on Red Alligator!

Hedgehunter was my last bet on the National in 2005. I did an each way the following on HH in the Gold Cup at Cheltenham - good lad won me a few bob.
Picked my National horses based on their names. I know next to nothing about horse racing. I correctly guessed the Winner in 03 and 04.
FB - I believe the animal cruelty is on before the chinless wonders; both run simultaneously with the rich white guys in ridiculous trousers.
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