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In November 2008 Mrs Boddy was found to have problems with her arteries and circulation; this led to a triple bypass three months later. About eighteen months later she had to have half a dozen stents fitted to overcome further problems. Then latish last year she started having some pains in the chest culminating in more stents and artery widening two days ago; the stents are of a later type and much improved, the specialist seem to think that her problems will be over.

She is now back home complete with enough bruising around her groin to have me put away for many years were it not that I have an alibi. As ever this specialist has repeated that with her lifestyle she has been grossly unlucky to have had any problems at all.

My thanks to the NHS and it's employees.
Just after that events changed nearly everything.

Mrs Boddy's situation changed, she was suffering severe pain which turned that when they stitched everything up something got mis-located, so much so that I took her back to Harefield the following Friday. We had long waits but she was taken in.and stayed until the following Tuesday. I went in to see her on the Monday afternoon and then went home as I had a rehearsal for a concert the following Saturday.

At 5:15 pm I went to the toilet and had a good pee, except that it was claret coloured. I dialled 111, got to see a doctor who contacted Wycombe Hospital, getting me an appointment the Tuesday of the following week.

Since then I have had a systoscopy, a CT scan which showed a mass, an appointment to have a pre-Opcheck, a biopsy under anaesthetic which disclosed that my right kidney, now damaged beyond repair, together with the 10 cm tubing tubing and a tumour; the doctor said that it was on his opinion a cancer although the way it was located in a number of tubes prevented taking any samples. The only treatment was removal of it all; this is a major operation and at my advanced age could only be carried out if they were convinced of success and my ability to recover.

Another scan, another Pre-Op assessment and finally an operation last Wednesday, somewhere between 4 and 5 hours. The surgeon is convinced that all is fixed but only time will tell. I was discharged on Friday together with a host of tablets, a self=injection kit, these are all painkilling or anti-biotic. I also have a catheter for 10 days. I felt as though I had been hit by a bus but things are getting better, it was only a motorbike.

Fortunately Mrs Boddy recovered and has had no further problems except for me.

My thanks to the NHS and it's employees once again, the surgeon said that it was just what he does for a living.

P.S. At my systoscopy there was an attractive trainee doctor and two nurses all examining my penis under the supervision of a male doctor. In other circumstances I could have been well chuffed.


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Just had my photo taken by Dunfermline Press. Leaning on barriers looking at traffic being all serious. LOL

I'm going to be in the paper on Thursday. FAME.


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Ms Somerville is clearly an ignoranus (yes, I know).
It is park and ride though, so not for pedestrians.
Statistics show it's not a priority for the politicians so I think you have little hope.


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It was actually called a Park and Choose as they were going to build a train station as well. Then they didn't. Changing the name from choose to ride was cheaper.

If you are only meant to take a car they should rip all the pavements up and remove the cycle lockers. Maybe I shouldn't say that out loud. LOL
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