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Surely it’s just a pot of peanut butter, the Marmite people are branching out into other things ?

please ....... :o


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I can't (and don't want to) imagine what Marmite flavoured Peanut Butter is going to taste like.


And this is coming from someone who loves Marmite (had some on toast this morning) and Peanut Butter (my spread of choice for yesterday's toast).


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I had marmite on toast for brekky, I'm about to have peanut butter on toast as a snack.
Looking forward to having the combo option.


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I like Marmite and Peanut butter, but together ....... It sounds yucky.

We need tiny taster pots, before wasting money on a normal sized pot, as I have a horrible feeling most pots will end up in the bin.

Is it an early April fools hoax ?
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Have to say my favourite cooking at present is BBQ. By that I mean American style BBQ, slow low temp hot smoking.
I have near inexhaustable supply of apple wood at the farm and was looking for a way to use some of it so built myself a reverse flow offset smoker. Might have gone a bit bigger than needed with the cook chamber 4' long and a touch over 2' round but it not like I am paying to run it.
Has had a good workout this year with me being handed the cooking duties for a 40th and 18th birthday parties and around 50 head to feed at both. Pulled pork and lamb shoulders and boneless lamb leg roasts have done the job nicely, Amazing how good something as simple as pulled lamb or pork on hamburger buns, tortillas and taco shells topped with homemade BBQ sauce and coleslaw can be.
Have been playing around with other stuff in it as well, jalpeno poppers, jalapenos halved length ways seeds removed then stuffed with a mixture of cheese and wrapped in prosciutto, fresh vegies, venison and beef even eggs. The eggs were interesting, had a few onlookers who were sure placing raw eggs in the shell into it would end in disaster but no they came out hard boiled with the barest hint of smokiness, the shell prevented them taking on much of the smoke flavour.


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Awesome 220 that sounds ingenious. There's no better way to cook meat than in a smoker I reckon. I don't have one (yet) but a couple of friends have the Kamado Joe smokers (cheaper than the Big Green Egg brand) and use them all the time. One friend has added an extra layer half-way down the smoker by grinding off an old grill to fit to make more cooking space. I might invest in one this year.... I'm starving now!
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