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I've just tried Dulse seaweed. Supposedly the solution to a growing world population. Only problem is it tastes like super salty fish with the texture of toilet paper.

I'll have the steak, thanks.
You can always try insects. ;)
Locus is supposed to be a tasty snack. :snacks:

I made Alost Flan or Flan d'alost a couple of days ago and as I try to avoid added sugars, I almost fell from my chair how much sugar there is needed to make it. So i gave the flan to my colleges. :)

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Are you implying that even though cow pats look ugly they may taste good? Well, you try if you want, but this man is not for trying.


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Oh my ****ing god, the world of food needs never to develop anything new again.



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No, it's eggs stuffed with spaghetti hoops with a dusting of ground black pepper - that'll be the extra £10.00 over the £1.00 you'd pay in a transport cafe.


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The trouble is, in order to get the hoops in they have had to scoop the yellow out and that seems like a waste of an egg to me?


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Egg yolks mashed with tomato sauce on fried bread, to go with the spaghetti hoop eggs.

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