The end of A1GP?


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Autosport is reporting that the A1GP series may end.

The future of the A1GP series has been thrown into doubt, with sources suggesting that Ferrari has withdrawn its supply of engines for the championship.

The new season was supposed to open with a round at Surfers Paradise in Australia on October 25, but there have been rumours for weeks now that the series has been struggling to put its finances in place.

Now there are suggestions that its plans have suffered a major blow, with Ferrari stopping its supply of power units to the championship for unspecified reasons.
Ignoring all of the above, one of the major reasons for the failure of A1GP in my opinion is that they went with Sky Sports.
I don't have Sky Sports and there's no way I'd pay for it just to watch A1GP.

The organisers should have negotiated a deal with one of the main terrestrial channels first to build up some interest.
Then they could have looked at moving to Sky as an option in the future.

[bg=#E3001A]Autosport[/bg] Doubts cast over A1GP future
It's very sad if this is true because A1GP had a great deal of potential and plenty of good drivers had a chance to cut their teeth in some truely competative races.

I agree with you completely about the Sky option Bro but it's not just a UK series so I wonder how it is screened in other countries? I was dissapointed when it went to sky but that would only effect viewers in this country.

I went to the season closer at Brands a couple of years back and it was a great spectacle and another way of seeing close racing for 1/4 of the price of F1.

With the arrival of Formula 2 alongside GP2 there were now two FIA backed series competing in the same market as A1 and with the current finacial climate it would seem that A1 is the weakest of the three.
That's a shame.

This thursdays Autosport was reporting that the funding had been secured and that the money was being paid to the creditors and all was well. I guess that's not the case.
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