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So it is unlike me to watch reality TV that'll own get hooked on it but I am very much hooked on a show called The Circle. If you haven't seen it they put a bunch of people in a house and tell them they can only interact with themselves through social media. They can be anyone they want. The idea is to become as popular as possible with the most popular person winning 100k.

As someone who has posted on internet forums since he was around 18 it is fascinating to see both people try to lie and people try figuring it out. As you would expect we have some people being themselves who others think are not real, some people lying who have been sussed out and some people lying who everyone thinks are genuine.

We currently have a 26 year old man pretending to be a single mum and a mother pretending to be her own son. It's fascinating watching them think through how their 'character' would post and watching the others react to it and figure it out.

Trash TV but interesting. Makes me think a lot about my own online interactions. Anyone watching it?
Have you seen the episode of The Orville where they visit a planet where if your number of likes drops below a certain level you are put on trial. But then the trial is adjudicated by people on social media. You are represented by a "publicity officer" and if you lose you are put to death.

What a wonderful future we can look forward.
i havent seen it but know of it & isnt richard madeley in it but not as richard madeley because ive got too much to watch. but i can imagine that people can lie online. i trying to remember which forum i was on either past or present, but highly plausible rumours were that a person created 2 accounts so that he had separate person to like & defend him in debates or fued. but its impossible to prove because of online nature

for me i would be myself because as the saying goes "the only person you can be is yourself"
We had a banned poster on here who came back and tried to be his own girlfriend once. It lasted all of a day before a smart cookie on here (certainly not me) spotted it and called then out. We also had someone create 3 profiles to try and win an article competition.

Online mindset is fascinating to me so, whilst I realise this programme is complete trash, it is an interesting experiment to watch.
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