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So Murray was up 4-2 in the first set and then 10 minutes later it was 5-6 to Djokovic.

He certainly knows how to make things hard for himself, doesn't he?

If he doesn't win this then I can't see him winning much else; this is his best chance with not having to play Nadal and Federer.
Djokovic hasn't lost a hard court match since the US Open final in 2010 and Federer was in Murray's half of the draw but didn't make it, so I think comments about this somehow being his best and last chance are misplaced. Nadal being in the draw wouldn't have changed much either, chances are it still would have been Djokovic in the final. What has changed is Murray's attitude on court, not the quality of his opposition.

Anyway, so far so good.
It's all about belief, and it's a lot easier to believe you can do something when you have done it before. OK, the Olympics is not a Grand Slam, but that has to change your mindset. A tournament like that is a rite of passage.
First set lasted 1hr & 27 mins
Longest rally....... 54 shots
Sean Connery is there watching the match
Murray is looking stronger than I've ever seen him...
The sky bloke said there was a third player there..the wind....and it helped Djokovic.
After Andy being 4.0 up is back on serve in the second set
You could equally say that Djokovic is making a meal of it. They have talked a lot about wind direction too, which is having a fairly evident effect from time to time.
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