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Welcome to the Inaugral Teabagyokel F1 Awards ceremony. I hope you like the people you're sitting next to, and let these not entirely serious awards begin:

Biggest overreaction: Everyone for writing off the year after the Bahrain Grand Prix. Was one race too early to write a season off? Of course it was.

Giancarlo Fisichella award for winning the first race but not the Championship: Fernando Alonso

Statisticians' award for winning the Italian GP but not the Championship: Fernando Alonso

Biggest 'bolt from the blue' result of the year: Nico Hulkenburg for sitting on pole in Brazil. Where the hell did that come from?

Backmarkers award for being 9 seconds down at the first race: HRT

Markus Winkelhock award for disappearing without trace: USF1, remember that the three new teams should actually have been 4.

Sakon Yamamoto award for turning up mid-season and pottering about the back a bit: Sakon Yamamoto

Most ridiculous DNF of the year: Lucas di Grassi for crashing on the lap-to-grid in Japan.

Most irritating trend of the year: Third drivers getting Friday morning outings. I know this has been going on for a while now, but I don't get why you pull a driver who's actually going to race on Sunday to give Fairuz Fauzy or Paul di Resta time in the car that they're never going to drive. There is end of year testing for that sort of thing, fellas.

Award for daftest design error of the year: Virgin for a not big enough fuel tank. That's fundamental guys!

Mika Hakkinen award for winning the Championship despite stupid errors: Sebastian Vettel

Award for repeating mistakes: Mark Webber, injured in a mountain bike accident? Again!?

Jean-Louis Schlesser award for losing a win in the most ludicrous manner: Sebastian Vettel in Turkey

Michael Schumacher award for unpunished chicane cutting: Michael Schumacher and Nico Hulkenburg

Misguided comeback award: Michael Schumacher

Ayrton Senna award for most agressive driver: Kamui Kobayashi

Super Aguri award for services to Japaneseness: Kamui Kobayashi

Alessandro Nannini award for picking up the pieces of inter-team collision: Lewis Hamilton

Bletchley Park Award for Best Code: Rob Smedley

Award for actually wanting to race whilst everyone else chickened out: Lewis Hamilton

Andrea de Cesaris award for crashing cars: Vitaly Petrov

Award for most ludicrous excuse: Vitaly Petrov for "testing how wet the kerbs were"!

Award for a good point in an obnoxious way: Ferrari's "wave of hypocracy"

Award for commercially exploiting even your own misfortune: Bernie Ecclestone

Simtek award for changing drivers indiscriminately: HRT

You're not Lotus award: Renault & Lotus

and finally...
Team Radio of the Year: Not Bad For A Number 2 Driver!

Anything else you think should be rewarded? Happy New Year?
The McLaren/Senna/Prost award for running out of fuel: Lewis Hamilton

The Nigel Mansell award for bipedal propulsion of the year: Lewis Hamilton

The Michael Schunacher award for most gratuitous use of a F1 car as a weapon: (Three recipients this year!) Sebastian Vettel on Jenson Button, Mark Webber on Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher on Rubens Barrichello.
Twilight Award for Season As Much At Night As In Day: Christian Klien

Award for Inappropriately Marking an Anniversary: A year after Felipe Massa's big crash, Ferrari mark the occasion by getting him out of the way for Fernando Alonso.

Fernando Alonso award for team ending up in court: Fernando Alonso

Strange Choice of Driver Award: Sauber for Pedro de la Rosa.

Sorry, I thought of a few more.
TBY said:

Team Radio of the Year: Not Bad For A Number 2 Driver!

My vote for that would be when Webber's engineer reminded him to push the throttle all the way down on the straight (can't remember which race though).
Or possibly Rob Smedley telling Felipe Massa how to drive, again.

I'd go with the "that's really unfair" exchange between Ferrari and Alonso though LOL
The "That's Really Unfair" exchange is a good one. As is almost everything Lewis said at the Korean GP. Light's fine, grip's fine, LET US RACE!
I'm not imaginative enough to think of an award name for this, but one of you lot probably could.
Jean Alesi Jokers award maybe?

Italian GP Drivers Breifing: You may not cross the white line on the pit straight.

Micheal Schumacher: But surely you can push them right up to the wall? LOL
The best implemtation of a kids game in a race team: HRT and there musical chairs

Worst exucse for swapping drivers in a season: HRT, singapore for saying Yamamoto had food poisioning, when even people in his own team went 'eh?... looked fine to me.'

The robin reliant award for the Worst 3-wheeled car: Mercades, yes it goes faster when it has all its wheels attached.

Best comment of year award: The Australian President. err..... is Lewis is what now? :o LOL
Andrea_Moda_Rules said:
Worst exucse for swapping drivers in a season: HRT, singapore for saying Yamamoto had food poisioning, when even people in his own team went 'eh?... looked fine to me.'

Just about edges out them putting Yamamoto in the car in the first place to improve performance!
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