Poll Staying up late ? Getting up early ? Watch it at a sensible hour ?

To watch it live or not watch it live that is the question.

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The Melbourne schedule is a red eye special. I was wondering who is going for the hardcore sleep deprived option :dunno:

Me I'm working Friday so can't watch P1. I will see some of P2 before leaving the house and may get up for P3 (undecided)on Saturday, the Qually and Race I'm watching live.

Schedules below


Friday 1am Practice 1
Friday 6am Practice 2
Saturday 2.45am Practice 3
Saturday 6am Qually
Sunday 4.30am Race


Saturday 1pm Qually
Sunday 2pm Race
I think I will catch Practice 1 as i'm usually half asleep but not at bed at that time, bed for practice 2, same with practice 3.

Qualifying I think I will get up for, the race is on at an iffy time, plus I have work, although that's at 3pm, but I do need some 9 hours or above sleep, and once those birds start chirping around 5am, you can never get back to sleep.

But I might risk it....for a chocolate biscuit....yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah!
I won't be up for practice or qualifying. The race presents me with a problem, since I personally don't regard 4:30 as sensible, but 5:59 might be do-able. If I get up then, though, I'll miss Sky's pre-race build up, which I'd quite like to see so I can moan about it later, but if I watch the race without having seen it, then I probably won't bother to go back again and watch it later.

I suppose it mainly depends on how I feel on Saturday. Kudos to those getting up/staying up throughout!
I expect my recurring nightmare about missing the race will surface again this weekend.

Have to get up about ten minutes earlier than usual so I can set the computer up, instead of just switching the TV on.
I would love to get up early for all the session but I am Sky deprived. Would anyone in the Nottingham/Derby area like to invite me round?
I shall be mostly watching the re-runs on BBC due to my lack of Sky sports.

Shame, I used to love the early races, the only ones I get to watch in peace and quiet before the foghorns get out of bed.

Not sure they will be able to connect me by Saturday :dunno:
Sensible time for me I'm afraid.
I'm far too old for pulling all nighters or getting up at ridiculous o'clock in the morning.

I get precious little sleep as it is with my daughter, averaging around 6 very interrupted hours a night.

So don't expect the site to be updated until long after the race is over :D
I'm the opposite. I will need to avoid any potential source of information about the results, as I hate finding the result before I have seen the race.
Being in the states, I love the Aussie schedule.

The season starts a day earlier for us as FP1 is at 9:30 on Thursday night.

And I actually enjoy 2 AM wakeup calls for F1 racing.
I'm the opposite. I will need to avoid any potential source of information about the results, as I hate finding the result before I have seen the race.

I meant more for practice sessions and quali which I won't get to see. Of course anyone telling me anything about the race before the BBC show will be shot at dawn for a week!
We poor Sky deprived people should set a thread up called "whats happening now!" where the people with Sky give us 2 min updates on whats going on. lol
That's called 'Chat' Rasputin! Those with Sky or 'whatever' may be happy to help via that medium!
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