Small Team's Saviour?

I doubt it. That article says really nothing at all about the EU intervening. Anything from is nothing more than a rehashed article from elsewhere that simply adds speculation.

Joe Saward just recently commented on this asinine situation;

A little over a year ago Net Element acquired GMM, in a deal worth $35,410 in cash with a monthly consulting fee for the former owner of $6,640 for a period of 12 months.

Six months later Net Element decided to divest itself of the media activities and sold them to a company called T1T Lab LLC, owned by Zoi. This means that for the last 18 months all the websites using GMM feeds were, in effect, providing money for a rival website, which is fairly amusing when you stop to think about it. One can only presume that its customers either do not know this piece of information or did not care.

In an effort to buy itself a little bit more credibility, has recently engaged the services of former Autosport editor Charles Bradley, his role being to build the website into a bigger and better business, presumably with revenues derived from advertising, as relying on your rivals to go on paying for you when word gets out what you are doing is rather pushing your luck.

Attempting to strong-arm Ecclestone with these vague "cartel" implications is not going to work.
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