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A place to put all the posts from all the other threads primarily but love him or hate him, and even for the indifferent amongst us this is the place to discuss the marmite that is Lewis Hamilton, to learn a thing or two about his rise, talk about those controversial, genius or mad moments and something that i am bemused by, the recent articles that suggest something quite different to my perception of what's going on. Any experiences of meeting LH?

Brundle had to write a Lewis Hamilton article recently and in my tweets (which were probably ignored) I asked him to talk about LH the driver not LH the personality. It seems that you can't have one without the other.

So as a starter for ten, here is a fairly recent LH article. Posts should not be limited to this link but it can get some discussion going.

The only banned topic as it is clearly ridiculous involves these four things "Glock" "2008" "Brazil" "conspiracy"


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Others that may have made the list died either racing or shortly afterwards, I'm sure Graham Hill would have made it, possibly Bruce McLaren as constructors, and Jim Clark as he would have made the first UK three times champion, as Graham hill won it the year Clark died in the same car


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1st of all on the sir its hugely deserved. he has been an outstanding driver. & is 1 of greatest British sporting legends. he without doubt along side Redgrave Moore Farah Murray Hoy Wiggins J & L Kenny. this is nothing against Lewis but i rather he had in a few years as i always think that a knighthood for these exceptional sportspeople should be a retirement gift. as i think its odd when a active sportsperson gets 1

i understand why he might say that now. i understand ive been there in football. with many a painful defeat & especially in play off finals & relegation. im sure felipe massa in 2008 felt the same when he crying in ferrari motorhome. but you need to get away from it. let time do its work by March he will be roaring to go
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The fact that Masi has not only not been censured, but has been given more power by the FIA, will factor into Hamilton's decision whether to continue.

I really hope he calls it a day.

He has nothing left to prove and his quitting will put the spotlight on the corrupt farce which was the last race.


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From what I've read so far, the more powers for Masi is only speculation based on the new head of the FIAs comments. Nothing has been decided yet.

Although it is somewhat ironic that a gentleman from the middle East would prefer to remove powers from a group of people who can debate a decision and centralise it under a single FIA appointed dictator.
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