Poll Should Michael Masi resign?

Should Michael Masi resign?

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I think the best thing to do is absolutely nothing.

It provided for a thrilling climax to the season, had commentators describing it as the best formula one season ever, generated yards of headlines and caused a social media explosion.

Masi should be given nothing but credit. This is exactly what Formula One should be about.

Anyone who thinks its about wheel to wheel competition between the world's best drivers in cars designed by the world's foremost engineers is living in the past.

It's about the glamour, the rivalries, the controversy and the money. That's what the fans want.

Sack Michael Masi? Absolutely no chance.


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I realise the issue is Article 15.3 and how it should be enforced otherwise it just gives us another race director making rogue decisions


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I just voted no to this, and I'll tell you why...

If he quits he can cite the pressure of the role and the way the teams have treated him, amongst a plethora of other lame excuses. He could almost walk away from the sport and never say another word about what happened in Abu Dhabi. Now, if the poll was "should the FIA sack him", then that's a different matter...

Yes, I think they should. And by doing this they are agreeing that he acted inappropriately and unlawfully at times and did not apply the rules in a fair and just manner across all drivers / teams throughout the full season. Indirectly, they are publicly agreeing that Masi played an integral role in outcome of the WDC.

I think Masi needs to be help accountable for the lack of integrity he showed in the 2021 season. I don't think Abu Dhabi was his biggest mistake though - to me he showed his hand in Saudi Arabia when he went to RBR to negotiate the severity of MV's punishment. He is the law, the Race Director, his say should be final. By asking RBR what punishment they would prefer he was making it pretty obvious which camp his allegiance was in.


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I've seen even more daft things remember the medals system that Bernie wanted it got thrown out 2 days before the season opener because the teams can veto him if they don't like it and he had to go back to points system

As for this Abu Dhabi screwjob its been a culmination of Masi's performance of the whole season that has lead to this and both Herbert and Brundle have said on Sky - he's got too much baggage and nowhere to hide for his cock up but finding a replacement will be tricky.

As for the safety car rule I would be aghast if they made the rule that only cars impacting podium positions can be unlapped
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