Poll Should F1 head to Scandinavia to race?

Should F1 head to Scandinavia to race?

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Having had a think about it recently. With all the Scandinavians that have taken part in Formula One why isn't they a race up there?

With Keke Rosberg in the early days of the 80's to now with four of them on the grid with Bottas, Eriksson, Magnussen and Raikkonen. Surely now the time is right to be heading up there too race with all those drivers from those countries taking part in Formula one nowadays.

What's your view on this subject?
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If they wanted it they would be waving enough fivers at Bernie to make it happen. How much does it cost to bring a circuit to F1 standard or build a new one to suit? Clue - ****ing shitloads.
Should it happen? Yes, because many of the races on the calendar shouldn't.
Will it happen? Not in the next 2-3 years.
Nico Rosberg also has strong links to Finland even if he is a German citizen. I understand that many from Finland have adopted the Hungarian race as a 'home' race.
Maybe Bernie could pump some money into Assen? After all the Dutch have pre-neutered the circuit and destroyed the character of the "back" section with development already. That has to be right up his street (or should I say track)!
It has become exceptionally clear at this point that Ecclestone's current strategy for creating new Grand Prix venues in order to spread Formula One around the world has been a failure at best, and an unmitigated disaster at worst. Korea, India and Turkey's races have all collapsed under the weight of indifference, Bahrain has brought nothing but a flurry of shame and criticism, and the whole grandstands covered in adverts at Shanghai serve as a stark reminder of unfulfilled ambition.

He may well have found something in Singapore and Malaysia, and the organisers in Abu Dhabi seem committed for the long haul, but he has not got a strong success rate.

Sport is better when there is a home team; witness the reaction to Ricciardo's front row this weekend, Alonso's celebrations at Barcelona and Valencia in the last two years, Mansell mania, Massa's big day, Webber and Stoddart on the podium at Melbourne even if they didn't actually finish there...! That is why the hosts get a bye to the World Cup, that is why GB had an Olympic team in handball and volleyball two years ago, everyone else recognises this!

The problem with his missionary zeal is that while the make up of the circuit locations is changing, the cast list remains broadly European. Singapore is sufficiently international in outlook to cope with this, but many of the countries Ecclestone has courted will be like Spain - suddenly Barcelona was very well attended when Alonso showed up and started winning!

We know a Grand Prix in Finland would be successful, since so many Finnish fans take the 2000km trek to Budapest every year. It is a traditional home of motorsport (if another form) and has their top drivers to celebrate - Bottas and/or Raikkonen could be mounting podiums or challenging for race victories.

The Austrian Grand Prix made way for Ecclestone's pet projects in Asia in 2003. Suddenly, 10 years later, the Austrian Grand Prix is back to fill the gaps left by the failure of Ecclestone to provide the 20 Grands Prix he keeps banging on about. He has failed, and the considerable funds of F1 may be better off focussing on fanbases that have a chance of being successful.
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Although I would say that the capacity of the Shanghai circuit is something like 220,000, so any crowd there would always seem smaller.
Sweden held Grands Prix during the 70s at Anderstorp, and I see no reason why F1 shouldn't go back to the region. They certainly have a much longer history of motor racing involvement than many of the current host countries.
The Scandinavians are far too smart to bung Bernie the amount of cash required.
They're also typically high-taxing nations and would most likely not give Bernie the breaks he wants either. You've got to think he'll be moving on before far too long. :please:
As of now, there is no F1-approved circuit in Scandinavia.

There is a Grade 2 circuit project here in southern Finland, planned to open 2016. It would be possible to upgrade it to Grade 1 if necessary. So the basic problem won't be facilities much longer, but funding. Governments won't get as heavily involved as in Asian countries so finding the money to pay Bernie for the organizing fee will be difficult. I believe the situation is pretty much the same in all Scandinavian countries.

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