Caption Competition Sebastian Vettel writes a letter...


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Dear Thanta

Thith year I have been a very good boy and I would like another World Championthip for my Chrithmas Prethent. It hath been two yearths thince my last World Championthip an I think I detherve another one.

Loths of love

Dear Ludmilla

Thanks for your kind letter. I'm sure the hills above Munich really do look wonderful in the spring however my work with Ferrari prevents me from joining you there. I'm very flattered by your comments but feel it would be extremely diificult to persuade drivers to adopt 'assless race suits'. Thanks also for volunteering to polish my helmet but we have a department here that looks after my racing equipment. Also on this did you mean blow dry? Unfortunately I've already named my car for this season but will keep in mind 'Ludmilla's hot road gobbler' and may use it in the future. Please find enclosed an official Sebastian Vettel pencil and sticker.

Kind Regards

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