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How about they use the engine they built for the Delorean, the PRV12? (the PRV stood for Peugeot, Renault, Volvo).

With the simple edition of a flux capacitor, as soon as the car reaches 88 miles an hour off the start line they can time travel to the end of the race.

Beat that Mercedes!! LOL


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So Team Enstone have come back as Renault since 2016 and they are still no closer to the front

They are questions about their commitment beyond 2020 according to the interim CEO since Carlos Ghosn is no longer in charge. Having issued a statement that Renault will look at all its future activities including F1 team.

Abiteboul is convinced that Renault will stay in F1

However they have signed Pat Fry to their technical team. I think it would be too late for him to have an impact on next year's car

I am disappointed that Renault have failed to crack the hybrid era and also they have struggled to get to the front. In the current climate in F1, the gap to the front 3 is very big and without a customer to compare to I don't see how Renault will close the gap
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