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This will now force the teams into an adversarial position with the FIA. Henceforth they will be EXTREMELY reluctant to share ANY technical info with the FIA, as they cannot be sure that the latter won't disseminate such info with other teams.

This can't bode well for the sport.
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Renault have offered to extend the gardening leave. I wouldn't have done it, as statutory gardening leave intends it to be 3 months at maximum.


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Well FB when Flav thought there was going to be an engine development freeze he took the wording deliberately and laid off people who were developing the engines which Renault have been playing catch up.

The fault can be all laid at his door though seeing Renault divested into other forms of motorsport and were not fully committed to F1 solely
Then again when the powertrain regulations came in , Renault did not seem to have seized the opportunity when it was there . I thought their engines did look like they were coming back to the front in 2012-13 when both Lotus and Williams enjoyed wins aside from Red Bull.

When Renault are fully committed they usually get it right


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Hmm. no.

I just think they are a genuine works team with the stability that brings and it's rather unfair to label them along with everyone else that has been in the factory.


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I think the Enstone badge was worth leaving on. They are better than a 'works team' they are a racing team who have a history of being competitive stretching back to 1992 (further but not from the Enstone site) with some staff there still going back to that time.

It may be Renault at the moment but if they suddenly left like they did before then the team would go on just under a different name.

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I don't think you're the arbiter.
I think that if we have Renault as team Enstone, then we would also need to have Mercedes as “Team Brackley”- given that this entity has been BAR, Honda, Brawn and Mercedes... (and of course the entry was bought from Tyrrell)


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Just read that Renault have only 1 point less so far this season than they scored all season last year. Shows what a good driver combo can do.

I wouldn't be totally surprised in a sneak Renault victory in a crazy race. Maybe not this but could be next.


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ou might say dropping Palmer was a good thing
If any one doesn't think dropping Palmer was a good thing they must be off their noodles.

It was clear from the first time he turned a wheel in F1 that he didn't have it.


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Really? I think he's under rated. I think he had a crisis of form after being ditched by McLaren and we're finally seeing his true potential this year.
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