Renault at Duxford


Bookies drive nice cars because of people like me
The Renault team did an aero test yesterday at the Imperial War Museum. Being close enough to there that we qualify for free entry, I took my 4 year old so to watch. You can get so much closer to the cars there than you can at races, nothing though prepared me to be invited into their marquee (pit garage) as they were packing up.

It was like the olden days when you could walk the pits, touch the cars and see the drivers (Bruno was on duty). If you have an event like this going on anywhere near you, my advice would be to get down there faster than Vettel into turn 1!
Good for you jez.These events are always much better to get closer to the cars and drivers.
Great pic you have taken there.
Did you get any of the diffuser? If so McLaren and others might want to hear from you ;)
Apart from the fact that such an action would be be a direct insult to the hospitality that Renault offered the chances of them allowing any photographs of such a sensitive part of the car are extremely remote.
It would have been easy enough to take some more detailed pics - but even if I had I wouldn't want to post them here and hurt the team for being so open. I'm afraid I did pick this one as probably not having too many secrets - sorry guys... :)
I can imagine that the other teams would have photographers of their own at these test sessions as we as at every race and test session through the season.

Anyway, nice pictures Jez. Wish I still lived close to Duxford to have been able to go along.
They are back there again today, along with the spitfires and an F15 fighter.
Really? is it publicly viewable? Im in Cambridge today...
Yes. You will have to pay 15 quid to get in, but they will be up and down the runway until 5pm or so. Last time, we were there as they packed up and we were allowed into the "pit" tent. You get so much closer that at the races :)
Grosjean was driving, btw. Have to say he is a skinny little man, he was in the cafe buying his sandwich at lunchtime, queueing up with everyone (in his race suit that was way too big for him). :)
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