Red Bull demo run in Milton Keynes


Hello all

I wanted to know how many over here plan to attend the Red Bull demo. I plan to go down from London, wearing the 2011 S Vettel WDC t shirt and hope to get some amazing footage and maybe even 1 to 1 correspondence with the drivers and team (who knows perhaps a job as well:yes: ).
I will be there, I live in Leighton Buzzard, so I will be jumping on the train with my two boys. Hopefully get a view, but there are 3 large screens going up, and 2 static car displays, so should be a good day. by all accounts, there will be a LOT of people there!!
I'm going - lucky that I live about ten miles from MK.... I don't think there'll be much traffic with the roundabouts, but the shopping centre WILL be packed.
Below is a map of MK and other 'attractions' there. Luckily, the run is right next to a cinema.
Here is a map of the area and how to get there
Autograph of Adrian Newey tick
Give Newey my CV tick
Autograph of Vettel awesome tick

That's what I am talking about, including being a foot away from him when he was leaving in his car, just could not quite get a picture with him.
I was not really able to get too close to the paddock area, and by the time the cars had been on their runs my boys were knackered and wanted to go home.

That said, we got a great view of the cars as they came down the road, and we all really enjoyed it. My 3 year old did seem to enjoy the train ride more than the cars though, and he is now going mental with his cardboard Seb finger!!!
The Red Bull promo girls had a load, and I got the boys to slap on their best cute faces (which they are very good at) and go and grab some. Sadly no kangaroos though..

How did you get so close to the action? I thought the paddock was closed to the public?
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