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A small problem I have at the moment is the 2013 Hungarian GP thread is showing as unread regardless of how I access this and go through all the pages. I have only7 noticed this since it was archived.

I have accessed the site on 2 different machines so I doubt it is a problem here, though if it helps Win7x86 with IE10 and a Levono K1 tablet on HC with stock browser.
Forums show as unread when threads are moved into them.

Just load the forum itself rather than the thread and it will clear:

Edit: I see what you mean - that may be a bug as it shouldn't be doing that. You can however mark that forum only as read by clicking the Mark Forums Read link in the nav bar when in it.
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Cheers, I took the risk and found that out. Xenforo's logging of posts viewed at the server end is very useful and I depend on it, clearing all often wastes so much time with me trying to figure out where I was. Storing it on the server rather than depending on local cookies helps across devices and makes coming here a pleasant experience.
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