Rugby RBS 6 Nations 2017

I posted about this in another Six Nations rugby thread, we seem to have two !

Yes Greenlantern101 I'd love to play fantasy rugby. I'm assuming that it's not going to be complicated, and a dolt like me will be able to understand it.

The league is called CTA_Fantasy_Rugby_League

Code to join this league is:

Sign up,

ESPN Fantasy Rugby - Six Nations 2017

create a team, join the league.
Note teams can be changed without using transfers right up until just before the first game on Saturday.

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 15.31.52.png
That's not working for me. I can find nothing on that web page that asks me to create or join a league.
I'm in and to be honest, I don't think I've got a snowball's chance in hell of doing anything.

The rules for selecting the team is a bit loose isn't it? It looks as if you can select 3 full backs in what ESPN are calling the 'outside back' position. I've at least tried to select the correct player for every position tempting as it may be to have Brown and Halfpenny in my back row.

Anyhow, it looks as if so far I am flying a lonely flag for England in the league so on national lines the worse that I can do is 2nd. Yay, go me !!!

I've played the game on espn for several years now. The key is making sure your players in your team are actually playing in real life, or they don't score points.
Yeah, I went through my starting 15 and they are all set to play at the weekend. As a result of some of the squad selections I have a Welsh prop who was on the third page of the front row selections. He'll do a good job though.
Interesting opening weekend.

England scrappy but continue their run of form.

Scotland growing in confidence and will be a handful for any one. Could this be a championship year?

Wales untidy to start with but much more like themselves in the second half. Will now be more confident facing England next week.

Ireland not helped by injuries but well on the back foot due to a deserved Scots win.

France, looked strong at times and had they been playing in France would have almost certainly beat England.

Italy, will take heart from their first half against Wales but the wooden spoon has only one home this year.

Bring on next weekend.
Wales: Lack creativity.
Piss poor effort today, scoreline flattered, any of the other 4 sides would've put us out of the game after the first half.
Wales to finish fourth above Italy and Scotland, both of whom will be defeated, we might scrape it over Ireland.
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