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Hey guys I've been enjoying the quizzes here for quite some time now, and I decided to try to create one myself. It doesn't have a specific topic.
Wish you all some fun an feel free to critisze me:D

1. Name the three drivers who have won exactly 4 Grand Prix (1/3 point each).
Bruce McLaren, Dan Gurney, Eddie Irvine

2.Who scored his only podium finish in the 1985 Australian Grand Prix and what made it really spectacular?(1/2 point for driver and 1/2 point for the rest)
Philippe Streiff. He did it on three wheels following a penultimate lap crash

3. How often did a Williams driver win the WDC?
7 times

4. Who started in 3 races for Prost Grand Prix in 2001?
Tomas Enge

5. Name the 2 drivers that should have driven for the Mastercard Lola Team in 1997 (1/2 point each).
Vincento Sospiri and Ricardo Rosset

6. Name the 3 drivers involved in a crash in the 1996 Monaco Grand Prix that took them all out and left only 4 drivers running. (1/3 point each)
Mika Salo, Eddie Irvine, Mika Hakkinen

7. Who was disqualified from the 1988 Brazilian Grand Prix and why? (1/2 point for driver and 1/2 point for the reason of DQ)
Ayrton Senna for changing cars after the green flag had been shown following the parade lap

8. Whose tyre flew through the pit lane in the ill-fated 1994 Imola Grand Prix, injuring some mechanics?
Michele Alboreto

9. Which was Murray Walker's last race to comment on (regularly).
2001 US Grand Prix

10. How many races did Keke Rosberg win in his world championship winnig season 1982?
Only 1
Thanks for the plaudit guys, well if you like the quiz, I think I will upload a few more quizzes over the next days:) It's quite fun to create them.
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