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Fascinating story of retired Italian mechanic Luciano Rupolo, who in the 70s found the remains of a car resembling a handmade Porsche. Later he found out it was actually Porsche N. 004, the oldest existing Porsche.



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Not exactly from the web, but this was me last night pulling a 2 metre long black rat snake (?) from one of the nest boxes I built.


We have 4 bluebird chicks in this one and the snake tried to get them twice - once at about 9pm and again at around midnight - this was the video from midnight.

We have an Arlo security camera on the box so we can watch them when they fledge (this is my wife filming the camera footage on my tablet from her phone - she was too freaked out to just press record on the tablet ...).

After the second attempt I screwed a piece of wood to the entrance hole.

Here's dad bluebird getting confused as to why he can't get in.

Dad bluebird

I removed the wood a few minutes later and checked and all 4 chicks were fine.

Soon after, mum and dad were bringing them some delicious breakfast insects.

Mum bluebird

Now to try and snake proof it with some netting and baffles.


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You keep those birds safe Brogan, they're relying on you!!!

We once had a sparrowhawk eat a pigeon in our garden, what a hell of a mess it left, the little devil shoved the leftovers in our lavender bush then came back for it the next day. I got a picture of it too but it was nasty


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We used to have snakes in Paran (Israel) that lived in the low hedges alongside the footpaths. They used to launch themselves at you when cycling home at night after a session. Problem was they were incredibly poisonous; so it was a good thing they usually just got wrapped up in the chain. Apparently you had about an hour and a half to get the vaccine... Problem was the nearest hospital was in Eilat; about 100km away.
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