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I very much doubt it. They'll rebadge a Merc one. Let's remember Stroll and Wolff are buddy buddy.


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Not sure if it's been mentioned anywhere but from next season Racing Point will become the 'works' Aston Martin team. Not massively shocked as Lawrence Stroll bought them out but media have made a big deal of it.
This is actually very cool. Nice to have another "works" team, even if it is a very small works. Nice to have the Aston Martin name in F1.


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I understood there was an Aston power that was designed in the Prodrive days whether it actually went to the prototype stage I'm not sure, or whether it complied with the current power unit regulations, I believe there was some query as to whether the present power unit had a F1 future or there would be a rethink before they went ahead.


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It will be interesting to see the people Aston Martin hire to get to the front. I just read DC's book when he was out of a drive at the end of 2004 and he was not impressed with Jaguar but when they were bought by Red Bull , Mateschitz was dead serious about being an F1 front runner and prepared to pump in the money as well as get the right people

We will find out if Lawrence Stroll really has the financial muscle and the vision for Aston Martin


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I think we might as well call them the Mercedes junior team officially . Merc are doing what Ferrari and Alfa Romeo are doing having a smaller team brand the name
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