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I downloaded the 1988 Japanese race and am watching it again and forgot how wonderful the racing and the appearance of the cars were back then. I am particularly impressed with how close the cars can follow each other and how they appear to be on the edge all the time. What races should I watch next and why? Has anybody else gone back and watched old races? Maybe Formula 1 should do a little of this and be inspired?
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It's not really very different from today's F1 - just no coke bottle rear end, and grooved tires, they're still in the era of aero that prevents close racing, but, just for the craziness, Spa 1998 - the start (and restart) are a doozy! I think of it as a 'how not to do a race start' video.
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teabagyokel has written some seriously funny comments around some of the threads on here about that start and certain drivers involvement in it. I'll have to see if I can find some of his comments.
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Rossett - n.

1. One liable to continue regardless of what is occuring ahead. ("He could have avoided the crash but he was too Rossett in his ways")

That was one of the three races that I made the time to watch on Sky F1's classics towards the end of last year. The other two were the 2000 German Grand Prix (the craziness at the end only added to by watching Pedro de la Rosa running 4th in an Arrows on merit) and the 2003 Brazilian Grand Prix (which was on just after Suzuka, so seeing Schumacher flying towards a JCB was a rather weird moment).
... 2003 Brazilian Grand Prix (which was on just after Suzuka, so seeing Schumacher flying towards a JCB was a rather weird moment).

That's a race I'd like to watch again.

It was bizarre to see car after car spinning out the track with Webber having a near-miss, and then the brutal crash of first Webber and then Alonso and the nail-biting race end. Another candidate for the race nobody wanted to win.
Another candidate for the race nobody wanted to win.

Jordan clearly did, they took the FIA to court! LOL

It was crazy. The amount of Safety Cars itself boggled the mind, and Barrichello was not good at restarting. They had a Michelin window when Montoya and Raikkonen went quick, which all dissolved into a Bridgestone window. The drainpipe pushing the detritus of the Paddock Club precursor party right across Turn 3 (Ted Kravitz found himself down at said pipe...), then Pizzonia crashing into a pre-crashed Montoya; Schumi and Jenson in there too. Barrichello got himself into the lead, the crowd went wild, he ran out of fuel, DC pitted, Fisi Bridgestoned Raikkonen just before Webber found the tyres and Alonso found the gas at exactly the wrong point.

And, of course, Ron Dennis was confident of successful operations, Fisi's car caught fire fsr, they declared Raikkonen the winner and settled it in court. With Fernando in hospital, a podium where everybody was in the wrong place.

Canada 2011 - Did it go on for over 4 hours from the start time? The last lap drama as well

Australia 1986 - as British fan the expectation that there could be a British world champion to the sheer heartbreak with Murray's commentary

Brazil 1998 - Jordan's first win and i had a hunch somehow Schumacher was going to run into the back of Coulthard and he did and the explosive scene afterwards

Having watched Rush - I wonder what 1976 Fuji was really like that day with all the tension built up and the race threatened to be cancelled as well

Australia 2009 - it was actually surreal that Brawn and Button won and the team were 1-2 after a winter of uncertainty

Dijon 1979 - just for those last few laps Arnoux vs Villeneuve

Silverstone 1987 - Mansell hunting down Piquet and then soldering him a dummy down to Stowe 2 laps from the end
If you can find a descent-quality copy to watch, the 1967 Italian GP is fantastic. Clark coming from a lap down to regain the lead, and not through retirements but by pure skill.
I have watched the 1988 and 1994 Japan races and am downloading 1998 Belgium right now-why are all the interesting races in the rain? Maybe Bernie's idea of sprinklers isn't so crazy?
siffert_fan Murray Walker's best race in the sixties
When you consider the depth of the field in formula one then, when everyone was there on merit, Clark's accomplishment is hard to equal.

That was one of the many races that convinced me that Jim Clark was, without doubt, the greatest driver I have ever had the privilege of seeing in action. Unfortunately, that does not include Moss or Fangio, as I never had the privilege of seeing them in F1 combat.
Having watched Jim Clark drive on many occasions, you just knew you were watching a driver with car control way beyond any driver of his era, maybe because he never gave up, with even a dog of a car that really shouldn't have qualified, let alone get into points. I watched him steer a Galaxy500 round Druids at Brands having slid across the bench seat, laying down with no vision and steering with one hand before sitting up with a big grin and hurtling down to now known as Graham Hill Bend ( no seat belts then) or knocking door handles with Jack Brabham in saloon races at 100mph and both laughing. Perhaps the enjoyment made him fast, but fast he was in anything. Made me realise I was not infallible hearing the news of his death driving back from Brands, suddenly a lot slower than going
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