R.I.P. Tom Walkinshaw

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Tom Walkinshaw has passed away at the age of 60. He was suffering from cancer. Tom began his career in single seat racing, winning the Scottish Formula Ford Title in 1969. He went on to run TWR, winning three world sportscar titles and twice at Le Mans. We have him to thank for Ross Brawn moving into F1- Brawn had previously been Walkinshaw's designer for TWR.

I'm sure all will join me in saying he will be missed in motor racing and our thoughts are with his family. R.I.P Tom.

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Sad loss at a young age. TW had some dodgy business dealings but his passion and commitment to racing cannot be questioned.

Thanks for giving us this.

R.I.P. Tom

I have read he was instrumental in Benetton 'poaching' Michael Schumacher from Jordan back in 1991. TW had seen Michael at first hand driving for Mercedes against Tom's Jaguars in the WSC and based on those performances pushed for him to replace Moreno.

He also, of course, persuaded reigning champion Damon Hill to move for Arrows for 1997.

TWR were successful all over the world in touring cars - in the BTCC with Rover, Jaguar and Volvo, and in Aussie V8s I believe.
Always sad when anyone passes but when it's one of the old guard it brings home just how different F1 is these days.

R.I.P. Tom.
Sad news indeed. Tom was a rugged Scot, a tough competitor and a ruthless businessman. But he was always championing the underdog and saving drivers from the junk heap. He employed Damon Hill when he was unceremoniously dumped by Williams, he employed the very talented and underrated Kelvin Burt when everyone and his dog passed Kelvin over. He even threw Martin Brundle a lifeline saving him from a life time of servitude to a Toyota dealer in Norfolk.

Cheerio Tom, I will miss you. :goodday:
Gutted when i read this news the other day. Really really sad.

He may have been controversial at times, but he was the man at the helm of so many successful British and international teams.

Quite apart from F1, I grew up with TWR Jags, SD1s, Dakar Range Rovers and his utter domination of the BTCC with BMW CSLs, Mazda RX7s, Volvo 850s etc. The XJ220 was all but an evolution of TWRs XJR-15 GT car as well, not to mention the glorious Le Mans winning prototypes he built for Jaguar.

Worthy of a CTA article IMHO.


He gave a lot to motorsport in general. I remember him for two things, TWR Commodores from V8 Supercars and also the Benetton 1994 cheating scandal.
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