QUIZ : Countdown Conundrums


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New quiz idea.

Solve all 5 F1 based Coundown Conundrums (anagrams). These can be just one word or a phrase, but all are well know to the F1 world. You have 10 minutes. just click play on the countdown video. If you finish before the 10 minutes are up your score is the time displayed on the video.

However any wrong answers and you need to add 2 minutes to your time. Harsh but fair.

If you fail to finish inside 10 minutes you must add 2 minutes for every unanswered question. Sorry.

Click play on the video when ready..
TT emergency chancellor? No.
McLaren Technology Centre.

Schnapps from a car
Spa Francorchamps

A Roo fondles nan
Fernando Alonso

unrestricted dog yams
drag reduction system

CIA Fans Diarrhoea
Sahara Force India

And your finishing time, plus any 2 minute penalties for wrong answers......
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Gave up when I couldn't stand listening to the count down music.

Checked answers, realised I had not understood the problem and they are anagrams, I thought they were clues to the answer.

Realised in that case, I would have been there until midnight trying to work out what was going on.

Now feel slightly less good about myself. :(
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