Queensferry Crossing & HMS Queen Elizabeth


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Decaying Uranium and other radio active sources are part and parcel of what keeps our planet active. Unlike the moon. So we could dig a very deep hole and fire all our unwanted uranium into the middle of our planet where it could do something useful.
Or we could drop it into some very big holes on the moon.



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That's the usual look for a ship thats been at sea for a while.

Where those two big patches are on the sides is where the lifts move up and down between the hanger and the flight deck. Most of what looks like rust is just surface streaks caused by small patches of bare metal. It looks worse than it is.

A group of sailors will be hanging on to paint stages with brushes on the end of long sticks scrubbing and painting that in not time.


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One would have thought that with todays paint technology an surface preparation rust would have been eliminated, rust only appears where the steel has not been properly sealed and treated in build, nuclear submarines externally seem to have eliminated the problem though it still exists or did in some areas internally, perhaps it is due to where it was built :whistle:
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I love that Victory is still afloat in the background. Much more impressive in the water than she is in her dry dock.
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