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So I was playing Saints Row 3 last night on my 40 gig original PS3 (Fat), happily killing away on the very last mission and my PS3 switches itself off.
Now all I have is a flashing red light and it refuses to switch on. I have tried unplugging, left it over night tried again this morning, same thing.

Is it goosed ? Time to buy a 320 gig Slim PS3 ?
FYI : done some research if this ever happens to you its not good news. You can get it fixed but its not cheap £100 plus and it seems the repairs are lucky to last you more than 6 months before it happens again. Basically if your PS3 wont start up even after leaving it to cool down over night then it is a power supply problem.

I have just bought a new PS3 320Gig for £225. Guess I will have to start GT5 from the begining again..... cool. 8-)
It's is astonishing that both the original PS3 and the first incarnation of the XBox 360 both have over heating problems which destroy the machines? Who would have thought that large, faceless, money grabbing organisations like Microsoft and Sony would have a built in redundancy on their best selling products. Next someone will be suggesting Windows software slows down the more you use it deliberately...
You may be right - just a note for all you PS3 users out there, don't leave them where a dog can cock its leg up it as dog's piss dissolves the circuit boards. Take it from someone who has experienced this.
Sorry to hear about your wows Green. I have lost two 360s to the ring of death, but my PS3 is still humming along like a winner. I really am skeptical of the next generation of console when they finally do come out. I am sure someone on here will tell me to get a gaming PC, but I like my consoles and feel safe with them.
I have done the gaming PC thing. You can buy 5 PS3's for the price of a low end gaming PC. Why would you do that when they have practically stopped making games for anything other than consoles. When stuff does come out for PC its normally a year or more after the consoles which is why I bought a laptop and a PS3.

As for next gen I gather the PS4 is rumoured for Christmas 2012 but knowing most gaming rumours that probably means christmas 2015.

PS3 should be delivered today. Woo.
I am very interested in the PS Vita as I think it looks like a great piece of kit. However, I feel I got burned on the PSP so I wont be getting a Vita until it comes down in cost.

Unfortunately for myself I prefer my 360 over my PS3, but I love the integration that the Vita shares with the PS3 (ie. being able to play PS3 games on your Vita if someone else it watching TV). I would love a fully integrated console and portable from Microsoft only because I prefer the feel of the console. Failing that, I would love to see cross platform integration, even the ability to play multi-platform games over two separate consoles. I am sure this is a technical nightmare, but a boy can dream!

I don't want to get into a pissing contest over which console is better, this is just my personal preference. Both consoles have their pros and cons and each is entitled to their own opinion.
Welsh games console:

Need a table for that game, Jen! Nothing but the console itself for Bagatelle, hence the expression, "a mere Bagatelle". None of your fancy add-ons this side of the dyke.
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