Announcement Polls can now be added to existing threads


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Moderators now have the ability to add polls to existing threads.

If you are the author of an existing thread and would like a poll adding, please contact the moderator responsible for the section the thread is posted in via Conversation with the poll details (title, options, public/private, etc.)
Existing members with 25 posts or more now have the ability to add polls to their own previously created threads.

You will note a new [Thread Tools] link in the top right hand corner adjacent to [Watch/Unwatch Thread].


Hover over it and click on Create Poll.

Is it possible to change the poll after it has been created so we can ask different questions from within the same thread?
The only way to do that would be to ask a moderator to remove the poll and then a new one could be added.

Ideally though we should keep poll results otherwise there's no record.
What were you thinking of to use it in that manner?
Was going to add one to the game of thrones thread but might want to change it in the future depending on what happens during the series. Would be useful to have control over the polls in your own threads.
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